Cristina Ferreira and Bernardo Sousa are inseparable. All the plans the director has for her new handsome “boy” – Nacional

Bernardo Sousa, 35, was Cristina Ferreira’s second ‘Big Brother’ winner, succeeding Kasha, which the presenter says is one of the reasons she will never forget him. But the complicity that we see between the director of TVI, 44, and the pilot goes beyond television, and viewers and followers begin to pay attention to what unites them.

The truth is that since the Madeiran left “reality”, Cristina has never left him. He flew with the winner to Madeira – the island where Bernardo is from -, made him a TV star and, given his popularity, continues to invest in the pilot for new projects to the station. Meanwhile, Bernardo adds up and continues in business.

The visibility that ‘Big Brother’ and Cristina Ferreira gave him, and give, makes it “appetizing” for the most diverse brands. The perfect union of two people that the public appreciates, but where “fate can turn against the wizard”, as the criticism has already begun.

TVI’s big bet

After the victory on the ‘reality show’, Bernardo adds and follows, mainly on TVI. He was featured on the station’s main shows – which feature in the contract he signed before joining the ‘BBF’ – the pilot continues to be one of the most in-demand former contestants. Without any connection with the representation, since made an appearance in the soap opera “Rua das Flores”, recorded a documentary with Cristina Ferreira in Madeira and has other projects in progress, know the ‘TV Guide’.

In fact, last Sunday, the 15th, before attending the gala, in Venda do Pinheiro, he made an Instastory with his agent, in which he assured his followers that there would be news on TVI, but that he couldn’t reveal anything yet.

Behind the scenes photo productions

Right now, Bernardo Sousa is an asset for the season and, more than that, ‘one of Cristina’s boys’. Rare is the photo that one of the two shares on social networks and which does not have the comment of the other, the Madeiran already calling her a “queen”.

The TVI presenter and director’s page is filled with photographs of the two and if, on the one hand, there are those who find their amorous complicity, on the other, there are those who do not understand it and even those who judge her because the driver “keeps playing” through the girlfriend, Bruna Gomes, who is fighting for the top spot in the ‘Final Challenge’.

In all the galas, Bernardo appears in a session of photographs taken alongside the presenter, which are then published in the two profiles. For example, on Sunday the 15th, the pilot celebrated his birthday in the middle of a gala and even had the right to take part in the team toast, which brings together presenters, commentators and technicians – those who left are beginning to dislike the fact that this proximity can interfere with the public vote.

The game can be favorable to Bruna

Cristina Ferreira may be a good friend of Bernardo Sousa, but we must not forget that Madeira’s girlfriend Bruna Gomes stays in ‘reality’ and, therefore, this closeness between the presenter and the pilot was not seen with good eyes. Supporters of other contestants believe that the fact that Bernardo has so much prominence may be favorable to the Brazilian influencer. “What compels Cristina and TVI to do all this for her to appear? It’s not at all fair to the other contestants who work and give their best! It’s not correct !” ; “I find it shocking the climax TVI is giving this contestant. She’s completely dead in the game!” it read.

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