Cuphead creators talk about turning the game into a cartoon

cuphead is a video game creator by chad and Jared Moldenhauerwho are the founders of StudioMDHR. The game is known for its difficulty and 1930s cartoon animation style.

Chad and Jared are involved in Cuphead – The Series (The Cuphead Show!), which recently debuted on netflix. The story is very similar to that of the game, where Xicrinho ends up in debt to the devil.

In an interview for the comics, chad and Jared Moldenhauer explained how to adjust the plot of the game they created so that the creators of the anime series can bring new ideas to the story.

Chad explained: “I think what made it easier was that we’re paying homage to the 1930s and the show as well. And so the 1930s didn’t have those perfect outlines of what a character should and shouldn’t do throughout their journey. So any character can really play different roles. Mickey Mouse might just be a cowboy or maybe the next hot dog seller. And it’s that mindset that really helps determine what these characters can do, because they don’t have to be tied to the game in a way like, “Hey, what’s this character doing?” Oh please make a pact with the devil for him and he will have a soul contract with him. It can be totally, again, so creative and open to figuring it all out, and it really helps the show shine on so many levels as well.

Cuphead – The Series (Reading/Netflix)

Jared added: “The difference is also in the structure between the two supports. The game itself needs to use bosses, like all of these characters, in a more functional way. It has to be gameplay-oriented meaning, so it’s either a story or a character for them. You still feel who they are and get the charm, but with this process you can further expand those other trips or who they can be too and what they can do in the Inkwell Isles. So it’s not so structurally, like the hacker has to be just a hacker, like Chad said. It’s like he could be a pirate, but he could also take the fish shack to shore.”

“So we were very open-minded to what this team would come up with and we weren’t trying to hide anything. It was like just character orientation, maybe personality traits, and then letting them explore. Because even in that sense, like even in a Mario world, it’s not like the characters are stuck in a story or a series of events that have to be chronological. It’s almost as if the characters can go through a series of different rooms or vignettes and do or achieve whatever you want. So, combined with the 1930s, anything goes, allowed us to come up with some pretty crazy sets for the TV show.

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