Daredevil just for the little ones? What will the new series look like on Disney+?

THE daredevil series for Disney+ is officially In progress and it already has up to two screenwriters ready to go. Will it be okay now?

Will they keep the story told by Netflix? Or will it be a story completely new like Disney+? Keep reading to figure it all out!

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Since 2018, fans have been waiting for a Daredevil return from Netflix – one of series heroes better done already published to date.

In 2020, the two-year contract term expired and Disney could finally create something with the character on Disney+, but not created (yet!)

THE matt murdock of Charlie Cox only appeared in 2021, in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, proving that Daredevil already existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But then, where is the film or the series with the character?

This is not the time for him to win a biggest climax? Well, it looks like things are moving forward now.

According to Variety magazine, the The Daredevil series even hired the writers Matt Corman and Chris Ord, who are ready to start writing for Disney+. It’s the the green light has already been given and the project is already underway.

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The two screenwriters are creators from the Serie Secret Affairs (or Confidential Affairs), which ran for 5 seasons.

There are also several other series written by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, including a christmas movie called A bright Christmas. I hope this one don’t be the inspiration for Daredevilbecause what was seen in falcon archer It traumatized everyone, didn’t it?

It is important to remember that the Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock Already Confirmed in the MCU since the movie Spider-Man: No Homecoming as “a very good lawyer”if you understand the reference.

Then came the king of crime in the series of falcon archerbeing interpreted by Vincent D’Onofrio, another from the original cast of the Netflix series. So the characters were already there, all that was missing was the announcement from the Serie.

Remembering that Matt Corman and Chris Ord haven’t confirmed anything. But so far so good, because no one who works for Marvel confirms anything… everyone is scared to death!!!

It happened all the time with the two Sony Spiders and also, more recently, with the Patrick Stewart denies his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Is it okay Daredevil will keep the quality than the one delivered by Netflix?

Do you want to see a Netflix-style series, with a lot of violence or prefer something After friendly and family How was Hawkeye?

Will they reduce violence able lower grade indicative and leave the series there on Disney+ or will they leave the character in a older age group? I hope it’s the second option.

It is worth remembering that the streaming platform, precisely because of the new series with more violent content (which are about to be released in Brazil), made improvements to its parental control system.

the next day June 29an update will allow the subscriber restrict the content of each profile, as well as adding a lock password.

Daredevil just for the little ones?

Until now only “family” series have arrived on Disney+, including Hawkeye who deserved something with a slightly higher rating. at least with action scenes with a little more violenceas happened in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

But none of this happened, on the contrary, they put a sweater gang which surpasses all stupid thieves clicheeven in the most burlesque comedies you don’t find guys like that.

can’t believe that someone found it believable the behavior of the coat gang, not convincing!

Without forgetting that the Kate Bishopwho has now entered the hero business, was able to defeat the Kingpin on their first date.

Not that she’s unskilled, but the Kingpin is a character who can take a lot more hits and deserved, at the very least, to be the multi-season villainas was the case for the Netflix Daredevil.

As he was defeated, he I would never realize be Evil Daredevil Elektra not to mention Spider-Man. Does this mean that the faults of the series are blamed on the low rating?

Not quite, but there is a share of responsibility. Of course, this involves script, direction and various other factorsbut a character like the Kingpin deserved something a little more serious.

And that goes for Daredevil. think about the best stories of the character… you will see that they are the most serious, with drama and a lot of hits.

There’s this whole thing about going out at night, fighting in the alleys, fighting thugs in the rain, getting beaten up a lot and sometimes even losing. is a hero who deserves to have darker stories. It doesn’t even have to be that over the top, but it has to be something far from what the Disney series has offered.

“Oh, so people say Disney shows aren’t good?”, you might be wondering. On the contrary, there are too many of them, but the subject here it’s about the character.

Vincent D'Onofrio Daredevil Hawkeye

Can you imagine Daredevil meeting Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin, and even Punisher in a series? friendly and family? The series should be at least for those over 16.

imagine the Punisher facing the tracksuit gang, it does not work !!! Like it or not, the Netflix series has become reference in a series of heroes, whether for the action sequences, for the story and the adaptation of the characters…

would be a huge blunder they don’t capitalize on all that success.

Daredevil is the unlike Superman. Superman urgently needs a movie that brings the more human sound, the hope of the hero, more vivid colors and less spatial problems.

THE Steel man it was amazing, but when you look The Return of Superman you can feel the vibe of the classic comic book hero. As much as the film is not the best, the The Christopher Reeve vibe it’s there – and that essence is missing in the halls.

In the case of Daredevil, its essence is this religious lawyer who at night wears the uniform and walks alone against the mafiasmafias and criminals than other heroes of the avengers don’t pay attention, but it also put people in danger.

Netflix has captured this atmosphere like no one else, a violent atmosphere, with dangerwounds he must overcome, real danger.

Are more urban combatwith a heavy band that engages the worst types of crimes. Marvel’s worst choice would be to turn this whole atmosphere into a family atmosphere, a Christmas comedy.

Fortunately, Matt Corman and Chris Ord have a some experience for writing police series.

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