‘Deadpool 3’: Ryan Reynolds Teases Fun ‘Update’ on Sequel; To verify!

Recently, the star Ryan Reynoldswho will return as the titular character in the already confirmed dead Pool 3′put its four official brands in an update on the franchise’s third chapter, saying “brand integrations” are complete.

As news and other news about the development of the next iteration reaches fans’ ears, the official movie page has released a photo of dead Pool 3′ where Paul (Rob Delaney) is auditioning for X-Force alongside the four brands that sponsor Reynolds (Aviation gin, mint mobile, WrexhamAFC and Maximum effort).

The photo was accompanied by the following caption: “update on [o filme]: We already have the right brand integrations. The story, the character and the scenario come next.

To verify:

remember that Shawn Levy (‘The Adam Project‘) has been hired to direct the upcoming anti-hero film.

In recent weeks, the actress Bella’s Throne (“The Nanny”) revealed that she was interested in playing Lady dead Pool in sequence.

For those unaware, the character is a female version of Bullseye, named Wanda Wilson, who hails from Earth-3010.

First introduced in 2010, it was created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld in the 7th issue of the comic dead Pool: Merc with a mouth’.

It all started with a joke a few years ago when the actress’ fans said she was perfect for the role.

In an interview with the journalist Josh wieldingthe star was asked if she would go along with the idea, to which she replied:

“Yeah, superheroes are definitely fun. People! I’m here, you can call me! I love action movies. I even know how to do stunts and stuff. It’s always a lot of fun when I do this kind of thing on sets because I feel capable of doing anything besides being an actor. dead Pool He’s my favorite comic book character. He’s so cheeky and who doesn’t like the Ryan Reynolds? He was just born for this role.

She continued:

“What I like”dead Pool it’s that realism mixed with comic book elements. He dialogues with today, you know? At the same time, it’s whimsical like superheroes. I like this shit. It’s like ‘the boys‘. I love this series too.”

Check out the interview:

So you’re supporting Thorne as the female version of dead Pool?

For a certain time ‘dead Pool 3‘ does not yet have a release date.

Recently, Reynolds took to Twitter and joked that the production would be “a bit more violent” than the previous films of Sample.

The screenplay belongs to the sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglinwho are best known for their work on the animated series ‘Bob’s Burgers‘.

The project will presumably be aimed at adults – just like the two previous films – but the information has not yet been confirmed.

In total, the first two films earned more than a billion and a half at the worldwide box office.

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