Delete now! 7 Android Apps That Can Steal Your Facebook Password and More

More Apps Discovered android who can steal your password, cookies and personally identifiable information from Facebook. The information passed through Trend Micro Reporta multinational company that works with cybersecurity, where it is said that these applications are also capable of collecting login information from other applications.

In the latest report published by Trend Micro, the “highly intrusive” and malicious behavior of a new group of around 200 Android apps containing spyware called “Facestealer”. If one of them is installed on your mobile phone, it is recommended to uninstall it and change the passwords of all applications on the smartphone.

Android apps to uninstall ASAP

Although the number of rogue apps is around 240, the apps below are the new apps that have been added to the Trend Micro list. The others have already been reported and are not new.

  • Daily Fitness OL
  • Enjoy photo editor
  • Panoramic camera
  • Picture game puzzle
  • Swarm photo
  • Enterprise meta-manager
  • Cryptomining Farm Your Own Coin

Luckily, these malware-packed apps, along with other titles not disclosed in the report, have already been kicked out by the Google on the Play Store, the Android application store. As soon as the company became aware of the risks the programs posed to Android phone users, the mobile app store’s security team took action and enforced the ban.

However, even though Google has already removed the malicious apps from the Play Store, it does not mean that the problem has been completely solved, because the app may be installed on your phone and it may have collected critical access information. In other words, it is important that you uninstall these apps and change the password of Facebook and other apps installed on your device. Phone.

What to do to avoid malicious apps on the Play Store?

Some titles that contain malware may have negative ratings on the Play Store. However, this is not a foolproof solution. There are apps with an average rating of 4.5 stars, such as Photo Gaming Puzzle and Swarm Photo, as well as an acceptable rating like Enjoy Photo Editor, an app that had over 100,000 installs before it was banned. .

When it comes to fake cryptocurrency mining apps, the advice is that you should never trust any platform like this without first being sure what you are accessing. For this, it is recommended to do a search on the platform, if there is a solid history of activities, if there are verified accounts in the social media etc

To further increase security when using applications, it is recommended to use a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. To better understand what it is and how to use it, see our article and find out all the details about this type of system, as well as the options to start using it.

What do you think of the applications reported to be at risk of data theft? Comment below and share your opinion with us!

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