Depp’s defense goes into the murder and accuses Heard of making up the assault

Depp’s defense goes into the murder and accuses Heard of making up the assault

The cross-examination began this Monday, May 16, and sought to empty the testimony of the actor’s ex-wife.

This is the hardest time for Heard

“Notice that from the start of the trial, Mr. Depp didn’t look at you once, did he? Asked Camille Vasquez at the start of her interrogation. “He can’t do it,” added Amber Heard. “Do you know why he doesn’t? He told her he would never look her in the eye again.

The less eventful journey of Amber Heard’s testimony ended at the end of the day on Monday, May 16, when her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft passed the turn to Camille Vasquez, the head of Johnny Depp’s defense team. Predictably, the attack on the inconsistencies in Heard’s accounts was fierce.

One of the facts established by Depp’s team was that the actor “almost always” wore strong, bulky rings on his fingers. A fact that was confronted with all the attacks reported by Heard, especially when she claimed to have been attacked several times in the face.

One such moment refers to March 2013, days before attending the Met Gala, where Heard went alone, allegedly abandoned by Depp. In the press footage, Vasquez noted, there were no signs of aggression. Heard noticed that she was always trying to disguise them with makeup.

Heard will have said, about the assaults suffered before the gala, that he left with the “feeling of having his nose broken”. Depp’s team was again inspired by photos from the gala, where Heard looked perfectly normal. “For the record, I didn’t know if it was broken or not,” the actress noted. “They should have seen what the nose looked like under all the makeup.”

Vasquez also implied that Heard tampered with the alleged image of the breakfast table, which allegedly showed several lines of cocaine and alcohol, all intended for Depp’s consumption.

“When she snorts cocaine, it usually goes in through her nose and doesn’t stay on the table,” Depp’s attorney said. “There are residues of that same cocaine when the nose and lips touch the table, aren’t there?”

Heard answered in an ironic tone. “I don’t think you quite know how this all works,” he noted. “The tampon applicator pictured next to the driver’s license is the device my sister taught her to use to snort cocaine.”

Depp’s team also pointed out that although Heard shared several photos of Depp passed out due to alleged drug use, he never provided any evidence of the actor while using said drug.

In one of the most dramatic moments, Vasquez confronted Heard with the fact that during the divorce settlement, he had announced that all the money he received would be donated entirely to two nonprofit organizations. However, so far it has not yet done so. Heard justified herself: she would have done it if Depp had not sued her.

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