Designer goes viral with animated videos; who is behind the ‘Little Lamb’?

Drawings with a dose of humor mixed with situations that seem to only happen in Brazil. This is the recipe that Rafaella Tuma, 33, has found to create animated videos on social networks, with successes mainly on Instagram, such as the hits ‘Eu sou o lambeirinho’, ‘Ouviram guepiranga’ and ‘Sabido’. Illustrator and Motion designatehas worked with advertising and major brands, such as DC Comics, Santander and Ford.

Working on the Internet for seven years, before go viral With animations that line up unusual stories and drawings, he illustrated characters and personalities loved by the public on the networks.

in conversation with THE PEOPLE, she reveals when the idea to create the videos she is currently making came about: the story involves Rafaella’s father and brothers, however, as she didn’t have the voice acting for the drawings, he didn’t possible to start publishing the stories that happened in her home. “Do you know the projects that are in the drawer? “. She then chooses the first chaotic story for her animations: the talk about a woman in the program family casesfrom SBT.

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When she started university, Rafaella always knew she wanted to work with creation. Since there was no Internet boom at the time, I still didn’t know what I wanted to work with, but as soon as it came up, I saw the business opportunity on the web.

She has a background in administration and marketing, graphic design, with postgraduate degrees in motion graphic (animation design). In just two days, he gained over 400,000 subscribers on instagram.

Rafaella Tuma had one of the videos Xuxa replied to

The designer’s recognition has also been boosted by major celebrities reposting her work. In her profiles, when asked which famous person has felt the impact of success the most, Tuma says presenter Xuxa was a big surprise. In conversation, she reports that it was only starting to sink in now: “I felt like throwing up, my spine was locked, other than that everything was fine.”

Rafaella Tuma does all of the post content development herself. The creator informs that with the growth of the page and the numbers, she needs to separate some people for the bureaucratic part, and the support of the family has always been present. His brother and his mother also work online: they both have a YouTube channel, i found saturn and by Dandhara.

‘Little lamb’ is the creator’s favorite video

When asked what her favorite video is, she replies that the one of the little boy mixing praise with the cockroach children’s song is her favourite. She also states that the plans for the future are beyond the virtual environment, the physical products will come, as well as on the networks, she announces that she will have more frequency in the publications and that now it is the followers who tell him stories. Rafaella Tuma is from the interior of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto.

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