Discover the myths and truths about gestational diabetes

According to the Brazilian Diabetes Society, approximately 25% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes. The disease is characterized by an increase in blood sugar during pregnancy and access to information is essential to prevent and treat gestational diabetes.
To learn more about the disease, Dr. Marcio Krakauer, endocrinologist and coordinator of the Department of Technology, Digital Health and Innovation at the SBD takes the main doubts.
Symptoms are hard to identify

Truth. Like other types of diabetes, the symptoms are easily confused with other diseases. For this reason, it is very important that prenatal care is done correctly. It is during these consultations that the glucose level and any other complications are assessed.

If you have gestational diabetes, the baby will be born with birth defects

Myth. The malformation can be a complication of diabetes, but it can occur when the mother was already diagnosed with diabetes before pregnancy and was not treated properly. During the last months of pregnancy, when gestational diabetes can occur, the baby has already gone through the process of formation and is only growing in the womb.

It is a disease that does not cause problems for the baby

Myth. If gestational diabetes is left untreated, it can raise the baby’s blood sugar. This leads to higher than normal insulin production, causing the child to be born with low blood glucose, which can lead to breathing problems and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. risk of miscarriage, poor growth, excess amniotic fluid among other risks.

After pregnancy, gestational diabetes is cured naturally

in part. Most women have normalization after childbirth, but a significant part still have diabetes (similar to type 2) constantly, and it is recommended to observe blood sugar in the first few days and guide the maintenance of a diet healthy, avoiding the prescription of low-calorie diets. and encouraging breastfeeding, which can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes after pregnancy. If hyperglycemia occurs during the lactation period, the use of insulin is indicated. Glucose tolerance should be reassessed from 6 weeks after delivery and measures to adopt a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged.

Is there a way to prevent the development of gestational diabetes?

Truth. Making healthy food choices, along with regular exercise and weight loss for overweight or obese people can help prevent diabetes and other diseases.

Late pregnancy is one of the risk factors for the development of the disease.

Truth. Women who become pregnant after the age of 35 are considered to be one of the risk groups for gestational diabetes. It is therefore essential to check blood sugar and have prenatal monitoring.
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