Discover the tragic family history of Stephen Strange

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness the events of Stephen Strange’s sister Donna’s death were first mentioned. That little mention behind it means a lot.


Starting with the fact that Donna is not the only family tragedy in the strange doctor. Plus, all of those tragedies shaped him as a person, and those events live with him to this day and are very important to who Stephen Strange is.

Stephen Strange’s family

At age 11, Stephen helped his sister, Donna, when she was injured, this sparked her interest in medicine (although another story indicates that he already had an interest in the field because he wanted impress and be important to his family, who loved a local doctor).

He entered New York College as a medical student. Later, on her 19th birthday, at the family farm in Nebraska, Strange was swimming with Donna in a lake when she had a cramp and drowned, Strange only found her already dead.

Doctor Strange - Family History

Stephen’s mother, Beverly, died shortly before the end of his residency. Two years later, his father, Eugene, fell ill. Stephen, already hurt by his mother’s death and not wanting to suffer any more, refused to visit his father on his deathbed.

A few days later, his brother, Victor, went to see Stephen, outraged at his apparent lack of grief. After the argument, Victor fled from Stephen’s apartment and was hit by a car. Victor died and Stephen, feeling guilty, placed Victor’s body in a cold room hoping that future technologies could revive him.

Doctor Strange - Family History

Later, after Magic resuscitation attempts made by Stephen (who didn’t know they were “vampiric” spells) and casting the Montessi Formula, Victor awoke as a vampire, acted like a vigilante and literally turned into a batman. .

As a result, Stephen became an increasingly bitter, arrogant, and solid man, until he encountered the Elder and the Mystical Arts. But the intense feeling of GUILT and SOLITUDE has never ceased to accompany him, even because the death of certain members of his family is directly linked to him, so he blames himself and regrets his successive mistakes.

Since then he has spent his days trying to be a better man, trying to catch up with what he was in the past. However, he is a traumatized man and he is afraid, once again, of being responsible for the death of the people he loves, so in addition to many other things, he is afraid to love and to to be loved again.

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