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THE Free market has created a very aggressive promotion of the Mercado Pontos program: those who subscribe to level 6 in March will benefit from an 80% discount for one year. With this it is possible to have Disney+ and Star+ for just R$9.90 per monthplus discounted shipping, a free toll tag, and reduced monthly fees on HBO Max, Paramount+, and Deezer.

Disney+ arrives in Brazil with GroupWatch (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

THE Market Points is a kind of Mercado Livre loyalty program, which grants several advantages. Level 6 is the most complete and has the following advantages:

  • Free Disney+ and Star+;
  • 45% off freight;
  • Discount of 10 BRL per month on payments with QR Code in physical stores;
  • 2 free QR Code withdrawals per month;
  • toll sticker Overdraft with free monthly charge;

To subscribe to level 6, simply enter the promotional website and log in with the Mercado Livre account. Monthly fees can be paid by credit card, bank slip or balance Mercado Pago.

Is it worth subscribing to Mercado Libre Level 6?

Mercado Livre’s promotion is excellent. Originally, the Combo+ (package including Disney+ and Star+) costs R$45.90 per month with a direct contract. When subscribing to the services separately, Star+ costs R$32.90 per month, while Disney+ has a monthly fee of R$27.90.

The price of BRL 9.90 to upgrade to level 6 of Mercado Pontos is fixed for 12 months. The subscription normally costs R$49.99 per month for those on Tier 1, with progressive discounts based on the user’s e-commerce score.

If you are already a Disney+ and/or Star+ subscriber and want to migrate to Combo+, no problem: with level 6 activated, all you have to do is go to the Points Market section and link the login. Annual Service Plan Users Diffusion freeze the remaining period as long as the Mercado Livre promotion is active.

Remember that the Disney+ and/or Star+ account, the mechanics and the content signed by Mercado Pontos are identical to what is offered directly by Disney – including the number of simultaneous devices.

⚠️ Anyone who cancels before a year must pay a fine

Those who opt for the promotion should pay attention to one detail: those who purchase level 6 access have up to 7 days to cancel the service at no additional cost.

Anyone who withdraws during the 12 month period can cancel the subscription early, but the regulation specifies that the customer must pay a fine equivalent to the value of a monthly fee.

Mercado Pontos offers discounts on HBO Max, Deezer and Paramount+

Those on Level 6 of Mercado Pontos also get a discount on other streaming services:

  • THE HBO Max it costs R$ 13.95 per month, which is a 50% discount;
  • THE Paramount+ or DeezerPremium enjoys a 40% discount, with a monthly fee of R$ 11.93 for each service.

In both cases, the subscription must be made by Mercado Livre itself.

You can get level 6 from the points market for free

Mercado Pontos is a Mercado Livre loyalty program, and it is possible to reach level 6 for free using e-commerce and Mercado Pago. To have the status, it is necessary to maintain 4,500 points.

Free market
Free Market Package (Image: Disclosure)

Discover the current scoring mechanisms in the points market:

  • 1 point for every BRL 4 spent in purchases made on Mercado Livre, Bilhete Único top-up, Mercado Pago payments made with QR Code and car ad booking;
  • 1 point for every R$ 6 spent payment of bills and services on Mercado Pago, including mobile recharge, television, internet and taxes;
  • 1 point for every $5 in sales at the Mercado Point machine for those who are at level 1, 2 and 3 of Mercado Pontos. At level 4 or higher, only 1 point is credited for every BRL 50 received.

The accumulated points are valid for one year, and anyone who does not reach the 4,500 point mark is relegated to the lower categories. Either way, it’s still possible to pay for the upgrade to level 6 and still enjoy the benefits.

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