Disney announces the end of Premier access and a new release schedule on Disney+

THE disney announced this Thursday (12) the official withdrawal of Premier Access, a system that required an additional payment to Disney+ subscribers when viewing the brand’s main releases. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringswhich will be released on September 3, will be released in theaters first and will arrive on the platform 45 days later, free for users.

The new format would be an experiment, as Disney CEO Bob Chapek commented. According to the executive, the idea is to extend the recovery that is already happening in the brand’s parks and other attractions, with a model that favors cinema, but does not leave streaming so far behind. The speech also suggests that the dynamics may change, although the information is exhaustive on the move away from the Premier Access model.

More recently used in features such as Cruel, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise, the format required Disney+ subscribers to pay additional fees. In other words: in addition to subscribing to the service itself, which costs Brazil R$27.90, access to feature films costs an additional R$69.90, in a system that was commented on by the company as a way to justify launching outside of theaters.

The first hint that Premier Access was being redesigned, however, came with the release of Free Guy: take control, which opens next week in Brazil. Ryan Reynolds’ film also won’t be available on Disney+ at launch, while Mickey Mouse House’s financial report doesn’t explain whether the momentum applied to Shang Chi will also apply to him.

Free Guy: Taking Control, starring Ryan Reynolds, was once the first not to make it to Disney+ Premier Access, but the company hasn’t confirmed whether Shang-Chi’s graduate will also apply to him (Image : Handout/Disney)

Chapek even quoted the film when commenting on the financial results. According to him, the original idea was to release the two films only in theaters, but the Delta variant of the new coronavirus forced the company to seek alternatives. However, there was no time to secure the licensing efforts and practicalities involved in publishing. free guy by Premier Access, while the arrival of Shang Chia step further gave Disney the space to think of a different model.

Also according to the executive, the new variant, which is more transmissible and which has led to a sudden increase in cases in the United States, is having a significant impact on the entertainment market, already quite battered since the start of the pandemic. Even so, the decision to launch the two Shang Chi How free guy in cinemas, while the feature film wonder will be the first to introduce the new mechanic which may become the default from now on.

Another possibility for the film with Reynolds is Star+, a platform that is also owned by Disney and which, in Brazil, will launch on August 31. The feature content, with some violence and some heavier jokes, fits the line of the service, which should have more adult productions from the Marvel portfolio, such as dead Pool and Loganin addition to titles such as 24 hours, File X, Sons of Anarchy and others. So far, however, nothing confirmed.

In Free Guy: take controlRyan Reynolds is a supporting player in a successful game with the face of GTA who ends up realizing his own NPC condition and breaking the barriers of the game itself. Already Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is based on the Marvel hero, who was trained by his father to be an assassin, but ended up preferring to follow a normal life in the United States, until his past returns to put him into action.

Source: polygon

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