Disney CEO Bob Chapek could lose his job after anti-LGBTQIA+ controversies

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THE status quo given disney seems about to change. Since the company’s controversies due to the anti-LGBTQIA+ billcommonly called don’t say gayDisney CEO, Bob Chapeckfaced a internal revolt of its employees and externally with your audience. It wasn’t until his second year in office that insiders suggested they might fire Chapek due to the lack of sensitivity he showed in trying to address the issue (via The Hollywood Reporter).

And that in itself is a novelty in the history of Disney, since, besides Chapek, the company has had only two CEOs: Michael Eisnerwho held the position from 1984 to 2005 and Bob Igerfrom 2005 to 2020.

With the possibility of being the CEO with the shortest tenure in the company’s history, employees are still showing their displeasure. For example, a drawing was placed on the door of the production room of The simpsons. In it, Chapek was in the session “In memory” of Oscarsuggesting that he is already dead, and taking the company with him.

Cartoon published by THR of Chapek talking to Mickey

Apparently, behind the scenes of the company is in pure chaos. According to one of the internal sources of the THRone of the company’s biggest events was postponed, while Chapek held investor meetings for two days.

“These events are like political races, coronations, sports camps and graduations all at once”he explained. “The delay is not fatal to Chapek’s career, but it is very serious and destabilizing.”

Disney and don’t say gay

All the chaos started with the CEO’s stance on the news that the Walt Disney Company donated money to fund politicians who support the discriminatory law, don’t say gay. In this case, Chapek’s attitude was to take no position on it, creating unease among employees and the public. And, prompted by the accusations of boycott LGBTQIA+ scenes in films from their studiosthe controversy did not last.

But this decision is not necessarily something new in Chapek’s career. According to the employees, he is the type who always tries to be on top, being the leader who talks more than he listens.

Bob Chapek, current CEO of the Walt Disney Company

“It’s funny how so many people have turned to me and said, ‘It’s a mess, but I’m not surprised.’ And that’s the part that’s hard to recover from.”

That turnaround could include Chapek’s departure from office, but for that, Disney’s 11-member board must reach consensus on the matter. Among some of the buzz there is the fear that some will not feel comfortable taking Chapek’s place, even doubt if there is someone trained to take the job.

But their delay in resisting Florida law, as well as their stance suggesting that nothing they could do would stop the state government they were funding, tarnished the company’s image.

“They have CEOs who I think know when someone is a problem. One of the board seats is gay.explained one of the employees, referring to Susan Arnoldwho is openly gay.

Image from one of the protests against the Don’t Say Gay Act

Now Chapek seems to be between two fires. For one thing, the state of Florida is unhappy with Disney after the latest allegations, which has led conservatives to cast a dim view of the company. On the other hand, the general public and LGBTQIA+ people, as well as the employees who make films and series possible, are uncomfortable with Chapek at work. As one source said: Disney “succeeded in upsetting both camps”.

The problem with keeping him is that, even if he manages to turn the tide and show some pro-LGBTQIA+ moves, Chapek’s fame will keep audiences wary of Disney — a situation that’s not ideal for no business.

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