Disney has 8 spots open in Brazil. See how to apply

Have you ever thought about working at Disney? Then this could be your chance! Indeed, The Walt Disney Company offers 8 job opportunities in Brazil, with vacancies available for various positions. Thus, among the opportunities available at the moment, there are vacancies for analyst, manager, intern and supervisor. Some for a temporary contract of up to 1 year. So, for more, check it out below!

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Disney has 8 spots open in Brazil. Vacancies some of them and how to apply!

As a result, Disney varies its requirements widely for different job titles. Each vacancy has its descriptions, responsibilities, basic and desired qualifications, etc. In the case of the Social Media Analyst role, for example, you will be responsible for creating branding and marketing materials for local Disney+ and Star+ productions. Basic qualifications are at least 3 years of experience in managing social media communities and knowledge of the Spanish language (you will need to work with teams in this language).

As for the Security and Quality Analyst position, the contract is temporary, for a period of 1 year. In this case, you are responsible for the safety of all products featuring Disney marks, characters and other intellectual property. The position requires 2 years of experience in the field, organization and strong analytical skills. Proficiency in MS Outlook, Excel, Word and SharePoint applications desirable, and advanced English and Spanish.

Another open position is for Local Productions Manager, where your team will be responsible for all branding and marketing materials for local Disney+ and Star+ productions. 5 years of professional experience is required, as well as experience working with Spanish-speaking teams. Experience creating digital content marketing is a plus.

Finally, regarding the administrative internship at Disney, you will be responsible for supporting the dissemination and positioning of Disney brands in the market, in addition to support in operational processes. For this, an advanced knowledge of the Office package is required. Basic English and Spanish are different.

Other job vacancies can be consulted directly on careers website from Disney, including Digital Producer Supervisor, Creative Copywriter Supervisor, Partner Operations Supervisor, Content Development Manager Original etc

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