Disney+: new features of the week (March 28-April 3)

Every week the Digital appearance presents the news of Diffusion from Disney on Brazil, Disney+. And from March 28 to April 3, the highlight is the premiere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series starring Oscar Isaac, “Moon Knight.”

meet the outings of the week Disney+ between March 28 and April 3:


Wednesday – 30/03

  • Moon Knight – Season 1, Episode 1
    • New episode | Original series Disney+ (1st season) | Fantasy | Action and Adventure | Year of production: 2022 (USA)
    • In Moon Knight, during a dirty job, the mercenary Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) has an accident and ends up being abandoned by his henchmen, leaving him on the verge of death. He is then rescued and taken to an Egyptian temple, where the moon god Khonshu offers him a second chance at life in exchange for his body as a host. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and when he wakes up, he thinks he is Steven Grant, one of his many alternate personalities. Steven works in a store and suffers from severe insomnia, so he has no memory of what happened to Mark in the Egyptian temple. When he begins to have visions of Moon Knight, the personification of Khonshu in his body, he begins to believe that he is losing his mind and mixing up the real and the fantastic. He then meets Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), leader of a religious sect who encourages Marc/Steven to embrace the chaos that his life has become and to agree to become Moon Knight for good.
  • Wild America (Wild Latam) – Season 1
    • Series (1 season) | Documentary | Nature | Year of production: 2020 (USA)
    • Follow all about the Latin American wilderness.
  • PJ Masks: Music Videos – Seasons 1-3
    • Series (3 seasons) | Entertainment | Children | Year of production: 2015- (USA)
    • At midnight, the Pyjamasques put on their superhero clothes to experience incredible adventures. Yoyo bounces like a rubber ball, Gluglu runs along the walls without ever getting hurt and Bibou flies in the sky.
  • Find Me In Paris (Find Me In Paris) – Season 3
    • Series (3 seasons) | Entertainment | Children | Year of production: 2015- (USA)
    • A young ballerina from the year 1905 travels back in time and studies at a famous Parisian school in 2018.
  • The Radical Family: Bigger and Better (1×07)
    • New episode | Disney+ Original Series (Season 1) | Entertainment | sitcom | Year of production: 2022 (USA)
    • The Radical Family: Bigger and Better is the sequel to the 2000s animated series. The plot once again follows the daily life of the Proud family and their adventures and will pick up the story of its central character, Penny Proud, and will include her parents . Oscar and Trudy, brothers, twins Bibi and Cici, and grandmother Sugar Mama. And of course, it wouldn’t be The Radical Family without Penny’s loyal gang: Dijonay Jones, LaCienega Boulevardez and Zoey Howzer, among others. Now older, Penny takes an interest in boys and begins dating handsome Kareem. But her overprotective father will not give the young couple a moment’s rest.

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Friday – 01/4

  • Presentation, Nate
    • Movie | Disney+ Original Movie | Music | Children | Year of production: 2022 (USA)
    • The story revolves around Nate Foster, a 13-year-old boy from Pittsburgh who aspires to be a Broadway actor. After being repeatedly passed over and never cast in the lead roles, he and his best friend Libby elope to pursue their lifelong dreams in New York.

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