Disney+: News of the week (May 16-22)

THE Digital appearance presents the news of Diffusion from Disney on Brazil, Disney+, every week. And now, between May 16 and May 22, several amazing productions are coming to the platform.

And this week on Disney+, we have as a big highlight the arrival of the film “Tico e Teco: Defensores da Lei”. In addition, the platform hosts the 2nd season of “Gabby Duran: Babysitter of Aliens” and the fascinating documentary series “Fantastic Engineering” and “The Top Ten of the 80s”.


meet the outings of the week Disney + from May 16 to 22:

Wednesday – 18/05

  • Molly McGee and the Ghost – Season 1 Part 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Music | Children | Entertainment | Year of production: 2021 (USA)
    • Teenage Molly McGee and a ghost named Scratch are bound together forever when one of Scratch’s spells backfires.
  • Fantasy Engineering – Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Documentary | Year of production: 2019- (USA)
    • Explore engineering marvels believed to be the superstructures of our Earth.
  • The Top 10 of the 80s – Season 1
    • Series (1 Season) | Documentary | Year of production: 2022 (USA)
    • Rob Lowe takes a trip through the 1980s, exploring everything from fashion to scandal, looking back at the best and worst of that iconic decade.
  • Learn from Disney Junior – Season 2
    • Series (2 Seasons) | Children | Educational | Year of production: 2020- (USA)
    • Learning with Disney Junior awakens the desire to learn! The focus is on inspiring kids to develop a love of learning through Disney characters and engaging storytelling.
  • Gabby Duran: Aliens Nanny – Season 2
    • Series (2 Seasons) | Documentary | Year of production: 2021- (USA)
    • Gabby Duran: Aliens Nanny follows Gabby Duran (Kylie Cantrall), a 13-year-old teenager who starts working as a nanny to earn money. Now she has a chance to step out of the shadow of her successful mother and super-smart younger sister. But the job she got is not so easy: the girl has to take care of a rebel group of extraterrestrial children who lived on Earth disguised as humans. Fearless and skilled, Gabby rises to the challenge of protecting these creatures and their true identities by hiding them in the homes of ordinary people – like her own family. Gabby will do anything to prove that she is the best nanny in the galaxy.

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Friday – 5/20

  • Tico and Teco: defenders of the law
    • Movie | Original Disney+ | Entertainment | share | Comedy | Year of production: 2022 (USA)
    • After succeeding in the series Tico e Teco Os Defensores da Lei, the protagonists Tico and Teco were forgotten. Years later, the duo return when Teco receives computerized surgery and asks Tico for help. Reunited, the duo goes in search of the other members of the group, where each of them has a different addiction due to notoriety.
  • The snail and the whale
    • Movie | Entertainment | Children | Year of production: 2020 (UK)
    • Eager to see the world, a tiny sea snail hitches a ride on the tail of a huge, friendly humpback whale. Together, they embark on an incredible adventure, until an unexpected event comes to test their newfound friendship, while offering a beautiful demonstration of solidarity.

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