Disney+ plan with ads is coming this year and could inspire Netflix

THE Disney+ will soon launch a new plan with advertisements. To reduce the monthly fee, but without disrupting the user experience too much, the service will only display four minutes of announcements during films and series with a maximum duration of one hour, except for children’s profiles. This information was obtained by Variety and fur The Wall Street Journal.

Disney+ on mobile (Image: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash)

In a statement sent to the press, Disney also said that no child-directed content will have ads, at least for a while. Thus, Disney+ will be the streaming service with fewer ads compared to the main competitors in the market.

THE HBO Max, for example, also promises only four minutes of ads per hour, but allows advertising in children’s content. During this time, the Peacock, on NBC, airs five minutes of commercials every hour. already the hulu – owned by Disney – displays nine to 12 minutes of commercials per hour.

According to Disney, ads shown on Disney+ will be consistent with the company’s “family friendly image”. This means they will not be tolerated ads for adults onlysuch as liquor and politics, nor advertisements for services offered by competitors of the platform.

THE Variety informed that Disney will remove advertisements from all shows if the user uses a profile classified as child to browse the platform. If you use an adult profile, ads will be automatically blocked in content intended for children.

There is still no exact date for the launch of the Disney+ advertising plan. However, Disney intends to launch the new signature again this year.

Disney+ announced its plan with advertisements beginning of March this year. to be the cheapest, the subscription aims to attract new users to the platform. It’s worth mentioning that Disney wants to reach between 230 million and 260 million subscribers by 2024 – a bold goal, given the excess of competitors in the market.

The strategy of creating a cheaper plan can benefit other streaming services, such as netflix. Despite being, today, the platform with the most subscribers, it is not only lose audienceas also cancel more productions than usual and laying off employees massively to reduce costs.

Besides having the most expensive monthly fee compared to its rivals, Netflix wants to create a fee to enable account sharing between users. According to the company, the number of subscribers is down since the first quarter of 2022, as many users share their profiles.

For the company, these people who use shared accounts would cause a loss, because they could be individual subscribers. However, individuals have the option of not paying anything – at least not directly to the platform – and continuing to access the entire catalog without any problems.

With a cheaper package, but with ads, Netflix can attract users who can’t or don’t want to pay the high prices of traditional monthly fees. It should be noted that, in all countries, Netflix’s “Standard” package (39.90 BRL in Brazil) is more expensive than all other platforms available.

With information: The edge, Tech Crunch.

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