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THE disney+ offers different types of subscription for users. By means of a monthly or annual payment starting from R$ 27.90, it is possible to watch the entire catalog of the tool, which contains titles from disneyPixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National geographic. Additionally, streaming offers 4K video, Dolby Atmos audio, download to watch movies and series offline, and simultaneous streaming to multiple screens from different devices.

There are also bundled package options for the disney+ with other streaming services on the market, such as Star+ and Globoplay. Packages unlock access to these other platforms through subscription activation discounts. Check the prices below. disney+ in Brazil in 2021.

Disney Plus Brasil: the list brings the prices of streaming services in 2021 — Photo: Marvin Costa/TechTudo

1. disney+ (monthly and yearly)

The signing of disney+ costs R$ 27.90 per month, and payment can be made with a credit, debit or digital card, such as PayPal and Mercado Pago. This value gives access to the entire catalog of the platform and features such as the creation of different profiles for each family member, unlimited downloads to watch offline and Group Watch to watch in real time with friends. THE disney+ does not offer a free trial period for the user to try out the service before subscribing.

The annual plan, on the other hand, costs R$ 279.90. The amount is deducted in one go and allows access to the platform for a period of 12 months from the subscription. In this modality, the user also has access to all the content of the platform and to the same additional resources mentioned above.

Regardless of the type of subscription, the disney+ allows simultaneous access on up to four different screens. In addition, it offers titles with 5.1 surround sound quality and Dolby Atmos, and videos in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced. Users should check the sound and picture type of each attraction while watching and enable the best quality based on device availability.

2. Combo+ (package with disney+ and Star+)

Disney Plus streaming service packages include a combo with Star+ — Photo: Raquel Freire/TechTudo

The “Combo+” formula offers joint subscriptions to the disney+ and from Star+a streaming platform that also belongs to the group disney and has titles from other production companies in its catalog, such as “The Simpsons”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “American Horror Story” and adult films and series, in addition to ESPN live broadcasts. The value of the Combo+ is R$ 45.90 per month.

Putting it at the tip of a pencil, subscriptions to the two separate services cost a monthly total of R$60.80, of which R$27.90 disney+ and 32.90 BRL from Star+. By subscribing to the combo, the user guarantees a discount of R$14.90. Subscribers can subscribe to the plan disney+ who wish to add Star+, or vice versa, as well as new users, who can rent both platforms from scratch.

THE disney+ also has a package with the Globoplay. Users can subscribe to both platforms for BRL 43.90 per month, or BRL 37.90 for the annual plan. In this package it is possible to watch the entire Globo streaming catalog, with classic soap operas, films, series, realities, entertainment, journalistic and sports programs, in addition to live TV programming Globe.

Users can subscribe to Disney+ in combo with Globoplay — Photo: Reproduction/Caroline Doms

The combo can also be signed in the semi-annual modality, which allows you to pay 12 installments of R$54.90 and have access to both platforms for two years. In this case, the user passes the second year of the subscription without having to pay, with free access to both services.

Another possibility is to sign the disney+ with the Globoplay + Live Channelsa modality that releases 17 cable TV channels from Grupo Globo to watch in streaming on the platform, such as multishowGloboNews, GNT, Viva and SportTV. This plan costs BRL 69.90 per month or BRL 59.90 for the annual plan.

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