Disney+: the 10 best comic films to watch in streaming

THE Disney+ brings together several films that have marked the history of the last decades, especially in the comedy genre, with productions that always seek to offer an excellent family program and provide many laughs to viewers, but with as many options available to the user, nothing better than to watch the best movies that are on the service, for this we have created the list of the 10 best comedy movies in the world. Disney+.

Check out the list below which includes classics such as They forgot me, Honey, I reduced the children and much more.

10 things i hate about you (1999)

On his first day at his new school, Cameron immediately falls in love with Bianca, the girl of his dreams. The only problem is that Bianca is forbidden from dating until her bad-tempered sister Kat finds a boyfriend. To try to circumvent this problem, Cameron, in love with Bianca, decides to hire the mysterious Patrick Verona to seduce his future sister-in-law.

Classification: 12 years / Duration: 1h37min

We are the champions (1992)

Aggressive attorney Gordon Bombay (Estevez) has never lost a case. But when the court sentences him to community service for drunk driving, he is given the daunting task of coaching a team of young ice hockey players who can’t skate, score or play. to win !

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Against his will, Bombay signs up and soon realizes that there are more important things than winning. Armed with that new attitude, follow along and have fun as Bombay and the Ducks face off for the biggest game of their lives!

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h41min

Night at the museum (2006)

Ben Stiller stars as the Natural History Museum’s new night watchman who discovers that when visitors leave, the real adventure begins with the exhibits coming to life.

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h48min

An almost perfect nanny (1993)

After Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), an unemployed actor, loses custody of his three children to his ex-wife, he discovers that seeing his children once a week isn’t enough. So the actor dresses up as Mrs. Doubtfire, an elderly English nanny with a sharp mouth and a child-friendly way of relating to her children in this bright, heartwarming comedy.

Classification: Free / Duration: 2h05min

a toy hero (1996)

A businessman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) arrives late for his son’s karate class, who has been awarded a blue belt. To try to make it up to him, he promises the boy that he will give him whatever he asks for for Christmas. The boy then asks for the “Turbo Man”, the toy of the moment and every child’s dream.

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It turns out that it is already Christmas Eve and the toy cannot be found, as well as all stocks are already sold out. He then sets out to keep the promise, no matter what it will cost him, but, in addition to getting into a series of complications, he still has to outsmart a postman, who has the same goal as him and is just as stubborn in his attempt. . .

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h30

They forgot me (1990)

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister becomes the man of the house overnight! Accidentally abandoned by his family during the Christmas holidays, Kevin is busy decorating the house, but not with lights and holly. Two clumsy thieves try to break into the house and Kevin sets up an impressive amount of traps to accommodate them!

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h43min

diary of a wimpy kid (2010)

Greg is destined for great things, but first he must survive the scariest and most humiliating experience of a boy’s life: high school! And it won’t be easy, because he’s surrounded by hairy assholes, freckles, intimidating carcasses and a slice of cheese with nuclear lice.

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h34min

Honey, I reduced the children (1989)

Scientist Wayne Szalinsky builds a machine that accidentally shrinks his and the neighbor’s children, taking them to a world full of dangers. An adventure full of suspense and comedy that will delight the whole family.

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h33min

Noelle (2020)

The Adventures of Santa’s Own Children. Anna Kendrick (Nicole) and Bill Hader (Nick) are the Claus brothers, who can no longer bear the pressure of one day taking their father’s place. One day, Nick decides to run away from home and it’s his younger sister, Nicole (Kendrick), who must seize the opportunity and travel the world to find her brother in order to save the Christmas period.

Classification: Free / Duration: 1h39min

jack (1996)

Jack (Robin Williams) is a boy born with a rare genetic condition in which his metabolism is 4 times faster than a normal human being, i.e. his body, for every year he lives, aged 4. The film shows the daily life of Jack, still a child but looking like a man in his forties, with all the problems related to his illness.

Classification: 10 years / Duration: 1h53min

Which movie from the list are you planning to watch? Would you like to recommend other films? Share your opinion in the comments!


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