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“It took you five years to say something nice about me…
– But I stood up for you when you needed it most…
– It’s true, you did it and I thank you for the attitude.

– Now we’re friends?
– If you invite me for a drink or dinner, I accept. tomorrow’s winner [hoje] Pay.
– It’s agreed then, let’s go into the night and be crazy!

The villains final consecrated a former hero: Djokovic defeats Kyrgios, wins Wimbledon and is a Grand Slam from Nadal

First, Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios had a “warmer” dialogue after practice leading up to the Wimbledon final, where they were ten yards apart. Then, they started talking to each other again, but on social media, cementing what looked like an unlikely new friendship after several years of criticism and “barbs” between them. After the decisive game, they had no words for so much mutual praise.


“I never thought I would speak well of you, but I’m sure you’ll be back in a Grand Slam final now already It’s official that we have a love story. This is the start of a beautiful friendship. You have one of the best serves on the circuit because it’s very difficult to read”, commented the Serb after winning his seventh trophy at Wimbledon, the 21st of his career. “Dinner or drinks? lost so I could pay…Are we going clubbing?I didn’t answer because I had my wife by my side,let’s start with dinner,” he later said of the virtual bet what they did in the antechamber of the final, all between new friends.

Despite the defeat in the first Major final of his career, the Australian received more than a million euros in bonuses, which made it possible to pay the nearly 17,000 euros in fines accumulated over the course of his career. two weeks on British grass (from the final it was 2,900, for “obscene language”). However, and despite this feat, the spotlight was all on the former world number 1, who celebrated as if he had won Wimbledon for the first time: cried with the towel over his face, went to greet his wife, daughter, technicians and family, burst out laughing with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, met the team after already going to the balcony to celebrate with thousands of fans in a year in which he had as much support as usual despite hundreds of Serbs shouting his name with the country’s flags.

More than a win, Novak Djokovic has come to redemption after all he’s been through in 2022, after a year where he just didn’t win the US Open (he lost in the final to Daniil Medvedev ). And more than smiles and tears of emotion, there was almost a sense of relief of the Balkans.

‘Gives a risk of growing the anti-vaccine movement’: The reason that led judges to uphold Djokovic’s expulsion

“The year started the way it started and it all affected me a lot. Mentally and emotionally it wasn’t right. It was not easy to close this episode, it generated a lot of emotion in me. But you just need time to chase the storm from me. Came here after a tough loss to Nadal [nos quartos de Roland Garros] and everything was complicated but my tennis was still there. I know what my qualities are and what my tennis is. As I’ve always said, Wimbledon inspires me a lot,” the Serbian said after the triumph that saw him win more on grass at the British Major (86) than at Roland Garros (85), Australia ( 82) or the US Open (81).In parallel, and with the seventh title in London which equaled Pete Sampras, only Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer and Serena Williams have more, in what is another statistic from the triumph of Djokovic this Sunday.

Djokovic really doesn’t want to get vaccinated – and is ready to miss international tennis tournaments

However, and after being one more Grand Slam away from record holder Nadal, the Serbian admitted that the only chance he had of defending the runners-up points and aspiring to tie the Spaniard’s Majors was to change the current laws prevailing in New York. York about Covid-19. “I haven’t been vaccinated and I don’t intend to get vaccinated either. I also don’t think asking for an extension is an option. Now I am on vacation. Play it or not, I need at least a few weeks for me because this period has been particularly tiring”, commented on the possibility of fighting for the last Major of the year. “I’m in no rush to keep winning, I just want to keep myself healthy to have options open for the future. I’m not going to play tournaments just to play to earn points”, assured the player who, given the absence of points disputed at Wimbledon, will suffer a new fall at the ranking ATP from third to seventh.

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