Do you remember him ? Arthur grows up and the drawing stops after 25 years

Go on! You fans say goodbye cartoon Arthur, after 25 seasons and 253 chapters displayed over 25 years (originally on PBS and PBS Kids channels in the US).

The last episode of the series for children, launched in 1996, was broadcast this Monday (21) in the United States. THE last season d’Arthur presented only four chapters about aardvark (Did you know that’s its species name?) with glasses and his friends.

The final plot too advanced about 25 years (awesome), from creator Marc Brown’s educational series, reveal characters as adults and be able to wrap up the story – since the 90s original target audience grew up with drawing.

Arthur’s Last Chapters

Like any good story, which has a beginning-middle-end, the franchise had to give a way to integrate a well-crafted ending to soften the hearts of fans who always wondered what an ending would be like (although it’s very rare that cartoons have a proper ending).

Unsurprisingly for fans, the latest episode revealed that the Arthur’s younger sisterDW, become a policeman and does not let anyone escape even a ticket.

already the the fate of the protagonist turned into a kind of twist: it grew and became a comic book creator and even wrote his first graphic novel telling stories from your own childhood next to friends. The first issue, by the way, is a direct reference to the first episode of the series.

Now a incredible curiosity which adds a whole additional emotion for those who were fans of little Arthur: the character’s original voice actorof the first five seasons, returned to voice adult version.

20 years ago he was replaced, of course, after growing up. Now, just like the character, Michael Yarmush is also 25 years older in real life. What a special touch, isn’t it?

On social networks, the audience was all praise at the end of the 25-year saga. Many people have commented that dead from crying so much watching the latest episode.

Check out an excerpt (It’s in English):


In an interview with The New York Times, creator Brown reveals that many fans of the animated series reach out to him via Instagram to thank and comment on the design. “I like to see the reactions of those young adults who grew up with Arthur”, it says.

The fact that these characters are still fresh in their minds. It’s great that he touched so many people. so deeply that they want it to go on.

To 25 seasons remain available through PBS Kids – which should make a marathon with the episodes, both on the television channel and on the station’s YouTube channel. In Brazilwe don’t have any information yet about the display of the last chapters.

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