‘Doctor Strange 2’: Scott Derrickson explains the real reason he QUIT directing the sequel

Before Sam Raimi (‘Spider-Man’ trilogy) take over the direction of strange doctor in the multiverse of madness‘, Scott Derricksondirector of the original, is the one who would direct the sequel.

However, he eventually resigned from the position allegedly due to creative disagreements with the wonder studioremaining solely as an executive producer.

Known for his love of the horror genre, derrickson moved while directing the coming’the black phone‘.

During an interview for the Empire (Going through Syfy), the filmmaker opened up about his departure from the job and admitted that what prompted the decision had more to do with his mental health than creative differences.

He explained that he had been in therapy for years to deal with childhood trauma, due to growing up in a neighborhood and in a home where violence was prevalent.

And it was a problem he was still struggling with at the time he received the invitation to commission. strange doctor of them‘.

“Everyone was beaten by a belt…or worse,” he says. derrickson about his childhood at home. “There was a lot of bleeding and fighting, and also going to and from school. Violence has always been present in the popular neighborhood where I grew up.

The filmmaker then discusses his relationship with the wondersaying:

“Contrary to rumors, my departure as director was very friendly and I would work with them again. But I feel like I made the right decision by leaving and focusing on ‘The Black Telephone’. I did what I was supposed to do.

Expected start for June 23the black phonefollows a 13-year-old boy in the 1970s who is kidnapped by a man in a black van and taken to a basement with a Phone black. even offline, the Phone receives calls from the killer’s previous victims trying to help the protagonist escape.

After the first screening at the cinemaconthe feature has received high praise from the media and the trailer makes fans of the genre even more excited to check out the plot.

On social media, there are several anticipation comments for the premiere, while others guarantee the film will be a hit due to Derrickson’s love of horror.

Besides, ‘the black phone‘ garnered 100% critical approval and promises to revamp abduction-themed movies,

Check out the reactions:

“I just came out of the preview of ‘the black phone‘ at CinemaCon. It’s definitely one of the best movies of all time. Blumhouse. Child actors are great, especially the stars Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw. Ethan Hawke has never been so scary or terrifying.

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A boy kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer finds an old black phone. When the device rings, the boy can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims, and they give advice on how to prevent him from suffering the same fate.

Ethan Hawke (‘The entity‘) and James Ranson (“IT: Chapter 2”) star of the production. The cast still has Jeremy Davis (‘Hannibal’), Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw.

The screenplay, based on a short story by Joe Hillit was written by Robert Cargil.

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