Download movie via torrent? More than 1,200 MS users are informed about illegal downloads and the value reaches R$ 750

Downloading movies illegally is often a recurring practice for people, especially those who have easy access to Torrent program and the like. However, some people recently had a bad surprise in Mato Grosso do Sul. In the state, 1,200 users have been warned by movie producers for illegally downloading movies. The fine, in these cases, can reach R$ 750.

The information has been confirmed by the office Guerra Associated Lawyers (RS), which manages the business in Brazil. According to the defense, the works belong to a producer who owns the copyright.

According to the law firm of MediaPLUSapproximately 1,200 extrajudicial notifications were sent to Mato Grosso do Sul, all addressed to Campo Grande.

See billed films

  • Shock: Fatal Fury
  • Until the Death – Survival is the Best Revenge
  • Rabies on the high seas
  • Dual Explosive
  • Dual Explosive 2
  • ava
  • Secret Service Invasion
  • the outpost
  • Rambo: until the end
  • After
  • After – After the truth
  • After – After Incompatibility
  • hell boy
  • The professional

Production companies represented by the Guerra Advogados Associados office are: Millenium Media, After II Movie, LLC, Bodyguard Productions, Inc, Voltage Holdings, LL, Fallen Productions, Inc, Hb Productions, Inc, Bodyguard Productions, Inc, Hunter Killer Productions, Inc, Jolt Productions, Inc, Outpost Productions, Inc, Rambo V Productions, Inc, Til Productions, Inc, After Productions, LLC, The Guard Productions LTD.

All Campo Grande users received the out-of-court notification by email or post. The notification was also accompanied by the login data and password to access the site., belonging to the office. In the email address there is even more information about the copyright of the works.

“Movie studios want to give Internet users, who may not know it is illegal to download movies, a fair chance to pay compensation for the movies they have seen and redistributed, in the most economically possible,” he warns. “We are authorized to offer, for weather limited, a possibility for you to pay a little more than the amount to watch the filmas compensation for downloading the same unauthorized, instead of acquiring it,” he warns.

How users were identified

Also according to information from the law firm, the users who illegally downloaded the films were identified by the IP of the the Internet. In addition, the copyright owner obtained the personal information through legal action against the Internet service provider to obtain the user’s subscription data.

What happens if I ignore the illegal download fine?

If the user ignores the notification and does not pay the debt, he is liable to prosecution. According to the defense office, the client was harmed from the moment that there was no remuneration due for the use of the cinematographic work. Therefore, the disclaimer also serves as a warning to fight against piracy and that violating copyright law has serious consequences.

“On the one hand, it’s good that you have received this notification, because it means that you have not been sued and that you have the possibility of avoiding a copyright infringement lawsuit by agreeing to a settlement. and paying a small amount of damages,” the post states.

amicable settlement

Also according to Guerra Advogados Associados (RS), the action is an attempt to settle out of court. In the proposal, the notified Internet subscriber would pay the film producer an indemnity to compensate for material and moral damages resulting from copyright infringement. Thus, the amount transmitted was R$ 750.00.

“However, those who decide to accept the proposal within 20 days from the date on which they are notified are granted a discount that allows them to join the proposal for the amount of R$ 250.00. ‘a negotiation, and like any negotiation, there may be, in each concrete case, different results from the initial proposal,’ concludes the office.

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