Elon Musk demanded sex from an employee in exchange for a horse. SpaceX paid $250,000 for woman’s silence – Observer

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The multi-millionaire company SpaceX Elon Musk, paid $250,000 to silence a former flight attendant who Musk allegedly asked for sex during a massage, promising he would buy her a horse in return. The story was revealed by Business Internquoting a person close to the woman in question – and Elon Musk has already reacted, saying that “there is a lot more to tell in this story” and arguing that it is a publication “with political motivations for hurt” the richest man in the world.

The case did not go to court because, in 2018, SpaceX agreed to pay the woman $250,000 (236,000 euros, at the current exchange rate) to settle the case out of court – which includes a promise that the woman would not be the public case. The Business Insider report, however, cites a friend of the woman, who recounted the details of the case and mentioned the identity of the woman (which Business Insider does not disclose, however).

The incident may have happened in late 2016, when this woman, a flight attendant for space exploration company SpaceX’s private jet fleet, was called in to give Elon Musk a private massage. According to the statement made by the woman’s friend, the flight attendant had been encouraged by her superiors to take a course in body massage because, in this way, she could later see her work valued thanks to the massages she received. she could give to Musk. At this point, the woman was working on contracts.

In one such massage, on a flight to London, Musk allegedly exposed his penis to the woman, touching her leg without her consent and asking her to “do more”. And, knowing that the woman practiced horse riding, he suggested that if she initiated a sexual act, he would buy her a horse. The woman didn’t accept, and by then she would have started getting fewer job requests for SpaceX.


The friend says the case was told to her by the woman shortly afterwards – “she was very shaken up, she didn’t know what to do”. “She believed things would be back to normal and she could pretend nothing had happened, but then she started to feel like she was being retaliated against because her shifts started to get reduced.” “She felt punished for refusing to prostitute herself,” says her friend.

Elon Musk was contacted by Business Insider and, while asking for more time to respond, said “there’s a lot more to this story.” Afterwards, however, he ended up not commenting again even though Business Insider gave him more time to do so.

“If I had a penchant for sexual harassment, it would be unlikely that it was only now, after a 30-year career, that such a story would emerge,” Musk added, calling the story a “politically motivated”. [o] prejudice.” Now that the news has been released, Elon Musk has taken to Twitter – the social network he is currently buying out – to downplay the case.

retrieve a Tweeter 2021 where he said if he was ever at the center of a scandal he would like to be called “Elongate”. “Finally, we have the opportunity to use Elongate as a name for a scandal. It’s perfect! “He wrote this Friday, later using a emoji laughing.

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