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The blue ball races frantically across the screen as your sweaty hand grips the controller Mega Drive. Think about sonic is to remember those moments when we guided the character of the sega between heavenly scenarios and technological animals. face the dreaded roboticsmeet your best partner, tailsand meet adversaries who will one day become friends.

Now, after thirty-one years of existence, the fastest hedgehog in history shines in theaters, returning for a sequel, allowing us to know a little more about the fascinating universe of the hero. In this new film, originality blends with an established mystique, creating a whole new experience. with the sense of Jeff Fowler, Sonic 2: the movie promises to be everything the first one was, but bigger.

Bigger and more dangerous than the first

Sonic and Knuckles face off in Sonic 2: The Movie trailer

Doubling down on the dangers, but also the heroes, we follow a Sonic at ease with the life he leads in green hills. It is then that after Your and maddie leave the hedgehog home alone, doctor robotics returns from his exile on another planet. But this time, he will not be alone and arrives with a new partner: joins.

Together they search Chaos Emerald, who possesses a power capable of building and destroying entire civilizations. To stop them, Sonic must team up with Tails and embark on a journey to find the Emerald before it falls into the wrong hands. With more dimensional journeys, action, and showdowns, the live-action sequel promises to build on the recreation of old iconic scenes from these characters’ stories, creating plenty of memorable moments for them.

Welcome to the next level

In this new movie, Sonic and Tails will share the big screen and with that we will have a cinematically adapted gaming experience. In other words, we’ll be able to see what it’s like to pilot the tornadoTails’ famous red plane, the iconic plane we’ve flown through the stage sky hunting present to sonic the hedgehog 2.

Jeff Fowlerthe director of sonic 2explained in an interview with IGN How was the adaptation of classic moments from the games:

“As we worked on the story for Sonic 2, we were really excited to bring all the gaming aesthetics that fans have always wanted to see on the big screen. And create a true cinematic experience based on the first two games.

But the references go far beyond the two characters and the envy-laden means of transportation. they join joinsto even more robots than roboticsto Chaos Emeralds and much more! Even a poster inspired by the second Hedgehog game has been released and this is all just a taste of what the film promises.

Chaos Emeralds and the chaotic world of Sonic

The Chaos Emerald is the goal of the characters in this sequel

And we’ll have a lot of clashes to come sonic 2! While in the first film the hedgehog is like a fugitive, in the new film he will have to face his greatest enemy. This because jim carrey returns to play the classic villain, Dr. Robotics — this time bald, like in the games.

In Sonic’s chaotic mythology, the hedgehog’s rings will play a deeper role, serving as a bridge between the heroes and their human friends. But also to the greatest dangers of the universe.

In addition to this accessory, we will also have to Chaos Emeralds, which may be an even bigger problem than Robotnik itself. We trailers, it can be seen that the main plot of the film will revolve around who can get their hands on the green gem. And the reason is that artifacts have the power to create a universe, in addition to granting unimaginable abilities to their bearers. And for hedgehog fans, that could mean a “Emerald Saga” for the hero’s future.

Knuckles and Sonic, the most anticipated meeting

Idris Elba voices Knuckles and promises a solo series for the character

Outraged show that Sonic is a master of the sport — as seen when he snowboards on a makeshift board — sonic 2 also promises a big clash between joins and the hedgehog, bringing yet another reference to the franchise’s third game, sonic the hedgehog 3.

After tails be confirmed since the first film’s post-credits scene, fans began to suspect that Knuckles would appear in the project as well. And that’s exactly what happened. with the voice of Idris Elbe, the red echidna makes his big screen debut in the new film, bringing a big challenge to the blue hedgehog. In this version, it seems his powers are even more developed than usual, managing to stop one of Sonic’s attacks.

Robotnik returns with its classic form

The mobile egg is one of the highlights of the film

To achieve the goal of defeating Sonic, doctor robotics elevates the concept of “danger”, earning its nickname by expanding on one of the less subtle references in trailers: the Mobile of eggs. The vehicle that is always destroyed with Sonic’s fast attacks has gained space among several other mad machines of the villain.

And it’s good that Sonic can count on the help of Tails, because there will be many threats that he will have to face in his new adventure. The impression left in the trailers is that, at any time, the hero could be hit by a thorn and lose all of his precious golden rings along the way. Suffice to say that the adventure is incredible and full of emotions!

Dolby movie poster

A first exclusive theatrical experience

Luckily, Sonic’s speed and heroic spirit is what drives the character. imitating the Batman and referring to winter soldier, Sonic 2 is a family adventure that promises to make its viewers gasp. Now, instead of sweating over the Mega Drive controller, Sonic will have you grabbing the movie theater chair and having a good laugh along the way.

Are you ready for this new adventure?

Sonic 2: the movie arrives exclusively in cinemas during the day April 7.

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