Excited Ícaro Silva talks about his first villain in ‘Cara e Coragem’: ‘Extremely unstable’

Actor Ícaro Silva talks about his first villain for the upcoming 7-hour soap opera and doesn’t disguise the animation with the character; to verify

With nearly 25 years of career in teledramaturgy, the actor Icaro Silva will play a villain for the first time in face and courage, Globo’s next 7 p.m. soap opera, premiering May 30. The artist will be Leonardo, a rich and ambitious man who will do everything to win the presidency of the family business.

During a press conference, the artist evaluated his character as a man ‘extremely unstable”: “Leo is an extremely unstable guy. He’s an extremely nice, sweet and partner guy and suddenly he’s this nastiest guy who wants to be done with his sister,” he said.

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Despite Leonardo’s wickedness, Icarus defended his character: “He has several internal issues that humanize the character a lot, bring him together and you can relate to,” assures him of his role.

Written by Claudia Souto – same author of catch catch (2017) – and directed by Natalia Grimbergthe actor guarantees that the combination of this female leadership will make the audience see the humanity of the characters: “I really like the way Claudia [Souto] written, I also like the direction that Natália [Grimberg] proposes where the characters are very human.”

Playing his first villain, the artist assesses that the villains of the replacement of The more life, the better! are not only bad: “What really makes me love them [personagens] it’s because they’re not Manichean, they’re not exactly bad,” Account.


the character of Icaro Silva won’t be the only villain in the plot. He will share the scenes of wickedness with Danilo (Ricardo Pereira) and Regina (Lisbon Honey), whose lover he is. In a secret romance, the actor says the two will have a relationship where they really love each other:

“Leonardo and Regina have a secret, forbidden romance which, at the same time, is a real romance, they love each other, they are partners, they are extremely vicious, but they are very humanized characters”, declared.

Attached to his role and the relationships he maintains within the plot, Icarus says that Leonardo is not a common villain and guarantees that he is just a man who wants to do well in life, since he knows no reality other than wealth:

They’re not evil villains with evil inventions, they want to get along, in fact, they want to be together and be as powerful as possible.” concludes the interpreter of Leonardo.


Ambitious, he dreams of controlling the family steelworks. He always envied the position of his sister Clarice (Tais Araujo), and is emotionally unstable.

He alternates moments of humor and maintains a conflictual relationship with his mother, Martha (Claudia Di Moura). With the help of lover Regina (Honey Lisbon) and with the partnership of Danilo (Ricardo Pereira) will try to recover the secret formula to negotiate it for his benefit with businessmen abroad.

Clarice’s untimely death affects Leonardo, as he is somehow involved in the events of the fateful night and its aftermath.


Chosen to play two characters in new soap opera at 7 years old, the actress Tais Araujo is excited for the premiere of face and courageparcel signed by Claudia Souto which opens May 30.

During the press conference on Globo’s new bet for the time, the actress praised her emotion at returning to the group where so many exceptional characters lived – like Preta de of the color of Fishing (2004), Ellen of snakes and lizards (2006) and Maria da Penha in full of charm (2012).

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