Fan-favorite Bizarre, Shocking and Controversial Film Has Been Coming to Netflix for Over 18 Years

It is not by chance that it is said that each man is a particular universe, with his own ideas, his own desires, new desires, the most intimate needs, so many expectations on what life can be , even though he knows he can never reach them. For homo sapiens sapiens, the man who knows that he knows, the most curious species on Earth, it is extremely difficult to submit to rules contrary to his protesting, refuting, indomitable formation. Although it is fundamental for life in society, to support each other, integration has almost nothing to do with pleasure. Even in the face of nature, man only reflects this nature, which translates into an undisciplined, wild, chaotic whole. From this immeasurable lack of order in the evolutionary process and, therefore, in the civilizing movement of mankind, came both burdens and advantages. Societies began to be forced to come to terms with the diversity of opinions, or risk falling into abject tyrannies – which ended up happening in many cases – while this eagerness to express oneself, legitimate, often became effectively a springboard for drifts. It is chimerical to think of the freedom of opinion and expression in a country like Brazil, which is full of examples where criminals disguised as bloggers and youtubers are taken for the champions of the defense of the good, the just and the beautiful, while serious journalists are forced to shave their savings to get out of prison, because they have been condemned in reasoned trials, ironically, by the publication of truths which affect, albeit indirectly, the magistrates of the highest court of the Republic – and it should be noted that processes of this magnitude eventually rise to this level: the same flagrant court, that is, the alleged victim becomes judge of the case to which she is one of the parties. All of this, dear ones, believe it if you can, is part of the never-ending consolidation of democracy, a movement full of ups and downs and ups and downs, especially in a nation that is prone from time to time to autocratic temptations, whose deliverance from the subjection of dictators is still recent in the face of historical time. Nobody said it was easy. And it is not.

The role of the critic is very similar to that of the judge. For my part, I never admit that I could never make a living exonerating and, in principle, convicting people, for whatever reason. On the other hand, exercising an activity whose primary basis is, in a way, to pass judgment on someone’s work, I try to be as impartial as possible, knowing that neutrality, neutrality as it should be , goes a long way from a job like this. I am at the mercy of my view of the world, irrevocably surrounded by my prejudices — we all have them, strictly speaking, although only the brave will admit it — which I tame with an effort that only my bruised conscience knows how much it costs me, I am influenced for my reading and my intellectual baggage, the greatest asset of a man. Writing the exegesis of a work of art or a cultural product, of things that communicate with each other, but do not always converge on the same subject, requires an insane balance, perhaps even against nature, given of the tendency to think lazily about the unhappy of humanity, especially in the face of ideas that the great Paulo Francis (1930-1997) would define, with the acuity of his unparalleled pen, as scrotums — I hate to use profanity in a text, but pornography is, in many circumstances, the right measure for effective responses to questions that grumble about lack of discernment, decorum, and decency. In dehumanization and, of course, in inhumanity.

I confess that I have very little to say about the legacy, come on, of Jeff Tremaine, the director of “Jackass 4.5”, the brand new Netflix premiere this May 20, 2022. I remember watching one of the films of the franchise, in a prehistory of the 1990s and something, after a lot of insistence from friends who got lost in the mists of time, for fun, and I didn’t like anything, anything from what I saw. Despite the fact that I was born with the crushing weight of at least three hundred years, since Voltaire’s Enlightenment (more on this later), I am now around 330 years old, looking 310 years younger (for those who approach me with third intentions) and being about to turn 40 (can’t wait!), I didn’t find it the least bit funny. This “idiot” chained whole hours in eschatological games which consisted of urinating in the snow, gathering this mess into a handful, forming a ball, like ice cream, and offering it to someone, with the most great impudence of the world, as if it were the last nectar of the gods, the finest delicacy.

Obviously, whoever agreed to taste it knew very well what he was doing; it was all just a game of marked cards, a pathetic and badly practiced farce, a grotesque act, like the no less boring telecatch fights of the 1960s. Well, adults we have to live as we like and we can, no honest work is shameful and the customer is always right. Really?

The case is that the public was becoming more and more demanding and the episodes of “Jackass” began to slide towards the risk of life and in some occasions even towards crime. In one of the scenes of this “4.5” version, with the inclusion of excerpts taken from previous editions also for violation of the legal system of the United States – the homeland of freedom of expression par excellence – and I n I have no idea what Tremaine did to bring them to the public now, the cast participates in such a Polish swing, a Polish runner made up of big swinging guys. A party of members, dressed in bizarre costumes, parade past those swinging at full speed until, of course, being hit. I don’t know how it didn’t end in an open fracture (and who knows if it didn’t), but nothing compares to the grand finale, the unmanned flight sim. I must admit that they are at least cold-blooded.

The success of “Jackass 4.5” goes back precisely to the lack that the show has done to those who have followed, say, the Knoxville saga and caterva for more than a decade, not to mention the very particular taste of some to watch the circus on fire . , without figure of speech. It’s impossible to underestimate a low-budget production that rakes in over eighty million dollars all at once, but I’m definitely with Voltaire. That everyone has the right to be as they want, as long as I need to like it. There are those who think things like “Jackass 4.5” are the pinnacle of free speech, an argument I cannot agree with. And no one needs to kill or die for it.

Film: donkey 4.5
Direction: Jeff Tremaine
Year: 2022
sex: comedy
To note: 6/10

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