Fe Paes Leme had his foot frozen in the movie Quatro Amigas Numa Fria

If you live in the south-central region of the country and have been cold for a few days, imagine recording a film in the middle of the snow? This was the challenge faced by Fê Paes Leme, Maria Flor, Micheli Machado and Priscila Assum when they agreed to do the comedy “Quatro Amigas Numa Fria”, released in theaters yesterday.

Recorded in 2018, long before the chaos facing the world with the covid-19 pandemic, the film shot most of its scenes in Bariloche, a famous ski destination in Argentina. Still unconcerned with masks or daily tests to detect the virus, the team had to deal with other setbacks.

Of the four protagonists, Fê Paes Leme confesses that she has the fewest memories of the trip that took place four years ago. the actresshi one of the first famous to catch covid, still in march 2020and reports suffering to this day with one of the sequelae most frequently reported by those who have caught the virus: lack of memory.

“After I got covid I had a real memory problem. I even joined our WhatsApp group and asked the girls to help me remember the stories,” the actress tells splash. During the interview, she was surprised by her co-star Micheli Machado and screenwriter Paulo Cursino with the information that her foot froze in a boot.

“We were making a scene and your foot started to freeze, freeze, freeze… It was desperate. I looked at you and your little eye was full of tears, you said you couldn’t take it anymore I said, ‘Guys, enough is enough, Fernanda’s foot is frozen’. I took her hand and left,” Micheli recalled.

“They put two dryers on his foot to make him move again,” Micheli continued, until Fernanda regained the memory of the perrengue.

‘Quatro Amigas Numa Fria’ was recorded in Bariloche, a snow destination in Argentina

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But it’s not just Fernanda who suffered from the cold. Maria Flor had to record some scenes on a boat, facing the icy wind in addition to the cold. And, after suffering to do the scenes, he had to rehearse.

“We filmed with a drone. At the time, it was new to use drones. After a whole day of filming, the drone fell to the bottom of the lake and we lost the whole day. I had to go back to the boat and start all over again.”

For Priscila Assum, the challenge was to film completely covered in several layers of clothing. Her character is allergic to snow and can barely talk to her friends under so much fabric. “Even though I feel like I’m in a cast, I was able to go a lot further with the physical. I didn’t have an expression to work with, just my body. Then I played with this more physical mood and I had a lot of fun.”

However, she did not escape another perrengue. Those of daily life in Rio de Janeiro, since part of the interior scenes in which they find themselves in a chalet were shot here in Brazil.

“It wasn’t that killer heat, we were lucky, but it was really hot and there was a lot of clothing. And at the time, I had weird rosacea that I’ve never had before. . We stepped out of our comfort zone a lot.”


Written at the height of the #MeToo movement, which disrupted the structures of cinema worldwide, “Quatro Amigas Uma Fria” was originally conceived with male protagonists. With an eye on the movement, screenwriter Paulo Cursino came up with the idea to make the change.

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In ‘Quatro Amigas Numa Fria’, Dani (Maria Flor) takes her friends Karen (Fe Paes Leme), Lud (Micheli Machado) and Josie (Priscila Assum) to a bachelorette party in Bariloche.

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“I had the idea to bring the women. I imagined that no one else wanted to see four men go to a bachelor party. It was time to leave the women in front,” says Cursino, who was associated with Taisa Lima. in the text.

In the film, Maria Flor is Dani, a woman who is about to marry her boyfriend with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time and decides to enjoy one last trip with her best friends: Karen (Fe Paes Leme), Lud (Micheli Machado) ) and Josie (Priscila Assum).

Four protagonists over 30 years old

Each of the women is at a different stage of life, but with one thing in common: age range. Fê Paes Leme, who had great success in his adolescence as Patty in the series “Sandy and Junior” (1999) and then participated in soap operas such as “Insensato Coração” (2011), celebrates the fact that she sees women over 30 as protagonists.

“For us women, there seems to be an age range where you’re more productive as an actress. I see a lot of things for myself. I’ve done great characters at the teens and early twenties,” says the actress, who shot at age 34 and is about to turn 39.

“There’s not a lot of opportunity to tell stories about these women. Whether it’s a married woman with kids and no time, getting married and not knowing if she catches a cold or not, whether she is the spoiled and naive dad daughter or the independent who knows what he wants, but he also has several sentimental problems”, completes the actress.

Micheli Machado agrees with the partnership. “I hope that more and more will come, and that producers, writers and directors will see that it is indeed very interesting to tell stories of women over 30, of whom we have a lot to say, much more than young women.”

For Maria Flor, the timelessness of the film resides precisely in its identification with the stories. She, who played the role of the bride, and Priscila, the virgin in “Quatro Amigas Numa Fria”, today play the role of stay-at-home mothers. “Priscila and I, for example, have three-month-old babies at home. And then, watching the film again, the character I identified with the most was Lud.”

Director Roberto Santucci says that’s the fun of his new comedy, even with the long wait for it to hit theaters. “The film is still relevant. It speaks to these questions which are very universal. There are many elements that you can identify with and the film still has a lot of dialogue with the moment that you are going through.”

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