Five movies on Netflix to watch and celebrate Family Day

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Father, mother, children, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandparents, family members… Whether by blood or affection, family ties are the most important for everyone. As the saying goes: “family first”.

With this in mind, the United Nations established the international family day, celebrated on May 15. The date proposes a reflection on the family institution and on rights.

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For you to enjoy the day and enjoy with your family, how about watching a movie together? THE victory sheet separate five production tips available on Netflix to watch with parents, brothers, kids, grandparents and bae. To verify:


A confused teenager angry with life, a rebellious child, overprotective parents and a strange dog: the protagonists of the animation released in 2021 are the only chance of survival for the human species during a robotic apocalypse.

In the film, the Mitchell family’s incredible vacation trip is interrupted by the upheaval caused by the launch of new technology. They must learn to overcome their differences to survive and save the planet together.

In addition to being fun, the work available on Netflix provokes a deep reflection on family ties and the time we devote to real and virtual life.


Classic of Brazilian cinema, the film “Minha Mãe é uma Peça” could not be forgotten in this list.

The 2013 comedy chronicles the fun adventures of Dona Hermínia, immortalized by actor Paulo Gustavo. The book shows that mothers are all the same: they always have a lot of love to give their children (and reprimands too).

In the film, Dona Hermínia decides to spend a few days with her aunt after arguing with her children and hearing what she didn’t want. Will love for family speak louder? The first movie in the sequel is available on Netflix. Watch trailer :


It’s a movie about dreams. Perfect to watch with children, the work released in 2016 and available on the streaming platform tells the story of a koala who tries to save the theater inherited from his father. With no talent for managing space, he turns to his love of art and the support of friends to create a new show.

For this, he creates a singing contest that counts on the participation of a shy elephant, an adolescent gorilla, a tired sow and other stars. The family ties of all the characters are also exalted throughout the film. Watch the trailer:


The 2013 animation recounts the discoveries of a prehistoric family who sees their cave destroyed. The Croods go in search of a new home and, in this adventure, they have to face family conflicts. The film is available on Netflix and is perfect for watching with children. To verify:


For those who like more “cult” works, this can be a good choice. The 2015 domestic production mixes drama and comedy as it tells the story of Val and her daughter.

The woman from Pernambuco moves to São Paulo in search of better opportunities to take care of the young woman. About 10 years later, the girl decides to follow her mother and take the entrance exam to São Paulo.

The work provokes reflection on inequalities and the effects on family ties, and can be viewed on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Watch trailer :


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