Five-year-old girl enters Guinness Book as world’s youngest writer

Bella J. Dark entered the Guinness Book of World Records after becoming the world’s youngest writer, when she published her first book at just five years old.

The book, originally titled “The Lost Cat”, was published January 31, 2022 and since that day, sold over a thousand copies. It is possible to find the work for sale on the website. Amazon for six pounds (6.97 euro).

The former wielder of the feat was Dorothy Straight, an American who published her first book in 1964, when she was six years old. That’s to say, this record was only broken 58 years later.

The child who, according to his mother, “has always had a lot of imagination”, depicts in the written work the story of a cat, named Snowy, who ventured out alone at night and ended up getting lost . Bella tells Guinness Records that the inspiration came from a drawing she made herself.

“It all started with a photograph. My father told me that I could make a book and a story with photography”, revealed the little writer.

According to Guinness World Records, the child’s parents weren’t too surprised when Bella revealed to them that she would actually be writing a book. Bella went ahead with the idea and five days finished writing of the work he later illustrated.

The illustrations aren’t just by Bella, as her sister Lacie also contributed a drawing that was incorporated at the end of the book.

The five-year-old writer tells Guinness that the aim of the publication is to teach children not to leave the house alone at night.

Bella also confesses that she was inspired and motivated by some of her favorite children’s books and that’s why the little author assumes that she too hope to serve as motivation so that other children can do the same. His advice is to “write a story that comes from you”. The continuation of the story of the cat “Snowy” is already in preparation by Bella and should be published soon.


For a book to be eligible for the famous book of records, it must have been published by a publisher and sold at least thousand copies.

Chelsea, the girl’s mother, confesses that she has always been on the child’s side and helped her through the process, from the discovery of ‘The Lost Cat’ by a publisher at a trade show of the book, to the entry in the book of records. The mum told Guinness that it’s a source of pride to see her daughter on board such a prestigious publication as this, and guesses she felt rewarded for all the work to see the high number of sales that the work of the girl realized.

“It’s been such an exciting journey so far, my dad and I are over the moon with this feat she’s accomplished because it’s the least she deserves,” the author’s mother proudly revealed.

the file of writer the youngest in the world belongs to Thanuwana Serasinghe from Sri Lanka, a boy who published his first book in 2017, at four years and 356 days.

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