Forcite MK1S – The smart helmet of the future

Forcite MK1S

In a world and a society completely absorbed in all things gadget or digital solutions, it is strange that motorcycle helmet manufacturers keep postponing the launch of some interesting innovations. See the case of Shoei and its integral helmet with integrated HUD, the Opticson, so far considered only a prototype. But the Forcite MK1S headset could soon change all that.

Some small manufacturers or innovative projects, for example Skully or Eyelights, have tried, without much success, to bring certain technologies to motorcycle helmets that many thought belonged to the very distant future. One of the big bets here is the heads-up display (HUD).

A HUD is already used in several industries and allows users, in this case drivers, to have access to a varied set of information directly in their visual field. In the case of a motorcycle helmet, this information must be displayed either on the visor of the helmet or, as in the case of Eyelights, via a dedicated screen and added to the helmet.

Forcite MK1SHowever, the Australians of Forcite want to get into this technological “game”. And how are they going to do that? Thanks to the latest generation of its Forcite MK1S smart helmet.

The first attempt to enter the market took place in 2019, with a “Founders Editions”. Now, once the difficulties of the pandemic have passed, Forcite is back in force with an updated version of the MK1S helmet, which already has the necessary ECE 22.06 approval, a mandatory detail if they want to market this motorcycle equipment in Europe.

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And what are the strengths of the Forcite MK1S motorcycle helmet?

We start with the materials used in its manufacture. The Australian brand has chosen to use T400 carbon fiber in the construction of the shell, in order to keep the helmet as light as possible and also guarantee impact resistance that allows it to obtain European homologation.

Inside, an EPS shell absorbs and disperses the greatest impact forces.

But the main focus of this Forcite proposal is its set of associated technologies, and there is a branded application that allows you to update the operating system with new features through the OTA – Over The Air protocol, thus facilitating the life of bikers.

The HUD system is included in the visor. According to Forcite, the technology used in the manufacture of this visor with Head Up Display derives from what is used in Formula 1. In the visual field of the motorcyclist, various information is presented, mainly in terms of GPS indications, but also warnings of danger on the road in front of us or speed cameras.

Forcite MK1SIcons and other information displayed on the visor are adjustable, either in size or color, allowing the rider to identify and categorize the most relevant information according to their preferences. There is also a strip of LEDs that light up according to the importance in which we categorize each piece of information.

The front camera is located in the chin area, just below the visor. Provided by Sony, the video resolution is in High Definition, and it is possible to record up to 7 hours on the micro SD card. The camera battery installed in the helmet is charged via a USB-C socket.

Of course, the integrated headphones and microphone could not be missing. This way, the rider can opt for voice commands to control certain features of the Forcite MK1S, but also use an intercom system, thus staying in touch whenever riding a motorcycle. Note that the headphones are from Harman Kardon, which supplies the 40 mm headphones.

And if you prefer not to use your voice, the Australian brand adds a remote control, which can be easily positioned on the bike (for example fixed to the handlebars), which allows you to control the additional functions available in this futuristic helmet.

Forcite MK1STo ensure the rider finds the perfect positioning for the inner liner, thereby optimizing comfort, Forcite includes a set of “spacers” in the box of the MK1S helmet to adjust the liner and earcups.

Other features highlighted in this novelty are the lining that absorbs and dissipates moisture more quickly, the visor is prepared for the installation of the PinLock Max Vision 120, the closing mechanism is through two D-rings, while the darkened inner visor is retractable.

With all this, the Forcite MK1S helmet weighs around 1500 grams (1630 grams in the case of shell size XL).

Finally, the price.

As you might expect given that these are small-volume protective gear that incorporate so much technology, the retail price puts the MK1S helmet on a high.

According to Forcite, the cost of acquiring your new helmet starts at 1290 euros, a value that can go up, as the brand based in Sydney, Australia, offers the customer customization options.

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