Franca, SP, Records 7 Dengue Deaths After Nine Years Without Disease-Caused Deaths | Ribeirao Preto and France

Dengue fever deaths have not been recorded in France (SP) since 2013, according to the director of health surveillance, Caio Carvalho. This Monday (16), the municipal health department confirmed that there have been seven deaths caused by the disease since March of this year.

The victims are three men, aged 56, 77 and 86, and four women, aged 37, 50, 87 and 95. According to the secretariat, the death of an 89-year-old woman recorded on April 7 is under investigation.

As of last Thursday (12), the city had 3,935 dengue fever cases since January, a number that puts the city in an outbreak state of the disease. In 2021, there were less than 300 positives, according to the town hall.

For the director of health monitoring, the increase in cases is linked to the start of the rainy year combined with intense heat, factors favorable to the reproduction of the mosquito. Aedes aegypitiwhich transmits the virus.

“We take for granted the climatic factor, the heavy rains, the intense heat that hit us at the beginning of the year, and that allowed the mosquito to have a more favorable environment so that it could spread the virus further,” explains Carvalho.

A patient waits for emergency care from Álvaro Azzuz in Franca, SP — Photo: Ronaldo Gomes/EPTV

The director affirms that preventive actions have not ceased to be carried out by agents for the control of breeding sites, but that the population must contribute to the elimination of materials likely to accumulate water, favoring the development of larvae.

“The city government has never stopped doing the work of mosquito breeding and house-to-house control with vector control workers, but we also ask the people to help themselves and the public authorities in the prevention of the disease, because the breeding places are essentially in the household.

Since the end of April, the Ministry of Health, in partnership with a group of shooters from Tiro de Guerra, promotes the ‘Fumacê’ operationwith application of insecticides to eliminate the mosquito Temples of the Egyptians.

Work continues on Tuesday (17), in the Jardim Dermínio, Regina Helena and Francano neighborhoods, which will receive nebulization from 5 p.m. the calendar is posted weekly on social media of the town hall.

Bottles should be stored with the spout down to avoid water accumulation — Photo: Ronaldo Gomes/EPTV

smoking guidelines

According to the town hall, the inhabitants must have doors, windows and curtains open to facilitate the entry of the insecticide into the property during the action.

People do not need to stay on sidewalks and extra care should be taken with children and small animals.

If there are sick or bedridden people in the residence, they must be kept in the room, doors and windows closed, remaining for 30 minutes after the end of the action.

In addition, residents must store inside or cover:

  • Food;
  • Water;
  • Cooking tools;
  • Clean clothes and/or hanging on the clothesline (even when wet);
  • Feeders and waterers for animals;
  • bird cages;
  • Bed linen and tablecloths (remove or keep hanging).

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