Frederico Reuter celebrates his streaming debut with the Disney+ series

Frederico Reuter is divided between stage and small screens – Photo: Caio Galucci

Torn between psychology and the desire to be an actor, Minas Gerais Frederic Reutersborn in Teófilo Otoni, came to finish his university studies and considered continuing in the field of health before deciding to listen to himself and also to listen to an old promise, made in childhood, when, seeing Marília Pêra on stage, in the musical “The Dalva Star”vowed to do musicals one day too.


It was the genre that was gaining strength in Brazil since the 2000s that sparked his interest in singing, which, added to his ingenuity to perform, would make him a professional better prepared for the market he would come to pioneer in Rio. of Janeiro. , where he moved with his family, fulfilling one of his life dreams.

Having worked at the Tablado and taken several acting classes, his first experience with a professional audition was with the musical “O Phantom of the Opera”, in 2004. Not knowing what to expect, the refusal he received served as a stimulus for even more study, this study which earned him his first yes with the musical “Imperio”, directed by Miguel Falabella, and discovered by Reuters in a newspaper ad.

After his big debut, he began to collect works such as the musical “New York, New York”directed by José Possi Neto, where he alternated the main role with Juan Alba, “Hello Dolly!”when he was able to share the stage with the idol Marília Pêra – fulfilling the dream of this little Frederico, barely 11 years old, impressed by the greatness of the star – and with Falabella, with whom he came to work on many many other projects later.

Frederico Reuter in Hebe Musical – Photo: Publicity

It was in a novel written by Falabella, “Chinese Affairs”, that Fred made his television debut. The actor was part of the cast of the musical “The producers”, featuring the author, when he and two other co-stars received the invite. It was there that the character who would first associate him with singing and on-screen comedy was born, Zé Boneco, a humble waiter who dreamed of being a singer. For this role, he was nominated for the Contigo Television Award as Breakthrough Actor.

Next came the benevolent Dr. Ricardo, a character from “That Kiss” which brought greater recognition to Frederico. The telenovela, also by Falabella, and whose last chapter aired 10 years ago, led him to win the affection of the public and even of a crowd to shoot his story alongside the character of Camila Collaboro, played by actress Fernanda Souza. .

“The doctor. Ricardo was an altruistic, charitable doctor, without great ambitions and this is precisely what caused so many problems in his marriage with Camila, played brilliantly by Fernanda Souza. It was funny that people in the street say things to me like, “Ditch that woman! She doesn’t like you. She treats you badly. I found it hilarious how they touched him and how they gave me advice, like it’s It was up to the actor to decide the story. Then he bonds with Bernadette and finds happiness with a strong, communal woman. I found him beautiful with the character of Karin Hils, my sister friend,” he recalls.

Always interspersing shows and recordings, professional opportunities shaped the skills of Reuter, who, always open to new learning, came to take lessons in jazz, ballet and tap dancing to bring Roberto Marcos to life, in the show. “The Drunken Godmother”which preceded other musicals such as “The Man from La Mancha” and “Hebe – The Musical” – where he gave life to Luís Ramos, one of the presenter’s husbands, and singer Agnaldo Rayol, a character he revived in the series that paid tribute to the star.

Frederico Reuter – Photo: Caio Gallucci

“I love working whether it’s television, theater or musicals. What makes me happy is acting. With each new role, I feel like I’m starting from scratch. C It’s always a challenge to act and bring a character to life. The nervousness and insecurities are the same, I feel like I always start. The most important thing for me is the figure of the director , because when I am led well and I trust the direction, the process can be difficult, but it is always a new school, a new learning”, he confides.

And a new learning experience has also been experienced on streaming, the platform on which she is about to debut the series. “The Choir: Success Here I Am”created by Falabella especially for the Disney+. The production, still in its early stages, and with two seasons guaranteed, has Reuter in the role of Diego Lomaa music star invited to join the cast of a new production. , one of the directors of the series and soap opera “Aquele Beijo”.

“I would never have imagined working with Disney, but I love it and I would like to do a thousand things with them. The work is very intense because since it’s a series that talks about the world of musicals, the rehearsals were exactly like rehearsals for a show. Hours and hours of learning songs, choruses, choreography, recording songs in the studio, but when it comes to performing in front of the cameras, it’s like a soap opera,” he says.

Along with the recordings of “The choir”Reuter is on view in São Paulo, at the Teatro Claro, with the comedy “The lie”, by French author Florian Zeller, facing Danielle Winits, Alessandra Verney and Falabella in the current season. Reconciling schedules and not being satisfied with past experiences, the actor always seeks the realization of another great dream: to make cinema; but certain that his 20-year career is already worth it.

“It’s always a new beginning, an eternal struggle. Even if I see how difficult and unstable this career is, I feel that I realized a big dream, which was to be an actor and to survive in this profession”, he concludes.

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