From the creators of “Black Mirror”, Netflix will have a new interactive animated series

Image – Netflix Disclosure/Reproduction

Want more interactive media from Netflix? Now your demands have been met with the new cartoon titled “Cat burglar”. From the creator of Black Mirror, the viewers will be able to select answers to trivial questions during the drawing, which will dictate whether the character will succeed or die a gruesome death.

The cartoon combines trivia with your viewing experience to help Rowdy Cat break into the museum and steal the valuable art objects. But you must get the answers right to progress in your journey against Peanut, the Safety Pup.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new series: “Classic cartoon madness meets interactive quiz in a new series from the creators of ‘Black Mirror’.

According to the stream, “Cat Burglar” is his new interactive production developed by “Black Mirror” head Charlie Brooker. Although “Bandersnatch” entered the realm of interactivity with a commitment worthy of a dystopian series, the animation will have a much lighter premise and will be presented as content that combines “classic cartoon madness” with an interactive quiz.

The goal of “Cat Burglar” is for viewers to correctly answer a series of questions so Rowdy Cat, a thief, can walk out of a museum safe and sound with an expensive piece of art. But that task won’t be easy as watchdog Peanut will follow in Rowdy’s footsteps and every time viewers answer the wrong questions, the cat’s story will end in a cruel and picturesque death.

In this sense, Netflix promises that the public will be able to be entertained for a long time with “Cat Burglar”, since even if a reproduction lasts an average of 10 minutes, each answer would give rise to a new development of events and, therefore, there would be more an hour and a half of entertainment to choose from.

“A viewer could play Cat Burglar a hundred times and never see the same cartoon twice,” the stream promises. To better understand the proposal of the cartoon, discover the trailer:

This isn’t the first time Netflix has dipped into the interactive world. Fans were fascinated by “Black Mirror: Bandersnatchwhen it was released on Netflix and for good reason. The interactive event allowed us to choose our own endings and stories and we wanted to know all the possible outcomes. So with something like ““Cat Burglar” from the same team, at least we know we can trust their ability to tell us a fun story while testing our ability to make quick decisions.

Created by Charlie Brooker, the series is produced by Brooker, Annabel Jones (Broken and Bones) and Mike Hollingsworth (BoJack Rider, Tuca and Bertie). Hollingsworth is supervising director and co-writer with writer James Bowman. Russell McLean (bandersnatch) is the interactive producer; art direction is by Avner Geller, with music by Christopher Willis.

The show features the voices of James Adomian (Rowdy Cat), Alan Lee (Peanut) and Trevor Devall as the museum director. The animation is produced by Boulder Media. “Cat Burglar” will be available from February 22 on Netflix.

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