Funjope and Liga das Quadrilhas bring forró and animation to the neighborhoods with the ‘Pre-Junino’ project

The Pre-Junino project is an integrated work of the João Pessoa Cultural Foundation (Funjope) with the Liga das Quadrilhas and brings back the joy of in-person presentations of the June gangs in the capital. The event, which kicked off on May 15, runs the following weekends until June 5. It will be a lot of forró and a lot of animation.

“What we want with Pre-Junino is to warm up, to work like a big meeting of the gangs to do rehearsals, to test their themes, the strength of the dancers, the relationship with the public, especially in this São João Festival and Quadrilhas 2022, which is the first after a two-year shutdown due to the pandemic,” commented Funjope Executive Director Marcus Alves.

The president of La Liga das Quadrilhas de João Pessoa, Edson Pessoa, said he was sad for the companions who left and, on the other hand, he thanked God for those who survived the pandemic. He recalled that until recently he had doubts about the return to normality and the holding of the Festival, but he assured that he was very happy because the direction of the mayor Cícero Lucena adopted the project, encouraging him and supporting him.

“Everyone is satisfied, the League, the gangs and the communities where Pre-Junino is passing through. I saw people crying last Sunday because they couldn’t believe what was happening. Even I got emotional,” he said.

Program – This weekend, Saturday (21) and Sunday (22), ten gangs will delight the public. On Saturday, the party starts at 7 p.m. at the Prosind sports hall in the Mangabeira district. There will be June gangs Mangue Seco, Babado de Xita, Pindura Saia, Sanfona Branca, Zé Monteiro and Tiko Mia, who promise to give their best in performances.

Sunday’s program will begin at 5 p.m., at the Conjunto do Ipep sports ground, in the Alto do Mateus neighborhood, featuring the Linda Flor do Sertão, Sacode Poeira, Só Risos and Junina Fogueirinha gangs.

During the premiere of Pre-Junino, last week, the party brought together, in the sports field of the Community Center of the José Américo neighborhood, the gangs Só Risos, Chamego Caipira, Ubando, Mangue Seco, Botijinha and Fazenda Lampião.

Check the project calendar for the next weekends*

Day: Saturday – 05/28

7 p.m. – Praça da Santinha (behind the Odilon Ribeiro Coutinho gymnasium, in Valentina)

Quadrilha Junina Mango Seco

Linda Flor from Sertao Junina Gang

Quadrilha Junina Aconchego

Quadrilha Junina Paraiba

Quadrilha Junina Flor do Mandacaru

Quadrilha Junina Lageiro Seco

Day: Sunday – 05/29

5 p.m. – Mangabeira Lieutenant Lucena Cultural Center

Junina Lampiao Farm

Quadrilateral Junina Tiko Mia

Quadrilha Junina Ubando

Junina Pindura Saia Farm

Quadrilha Junina White Accordion

Day: Saturday – 04/06

7 p.m. – Guarany gymnasium at Roger’s

Junina Sacode Poeira

Quadrilha Junina Botijinha

Quadrilha Junina Aconchego

Quadrilha Junina Paraiba

Quadrilha Junina Lageiro Seco

Day: Sunday – 05/06

5:00 p.m. – Esplanade Square, Solon de Lucena Park – Lagoa

Quadrilha Junina Babado de Xita

Quadrilha Junina Chamego Caipira

Zé Monteiro Junina Gang

Quadrilha Junina Flor do Mandacaru

Band of Junina Fogueirinha.

*Schedule subject to change.

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