Goodbye, Monica! Giulia Benite goes redhead and slimmer for a new movie

Giulia Benite in ‘Turma da Mônica: Lessons’ and currently (Photo: Publicity/Serendipity Inc and Biel Dream)

Goodbye, Monica! It will be like this, with long red hair and ten kilos less, that Giulia Benite will appear in “Suddenly failed! », new feature film by Hsu Chien. The 13-year-old actress will play an influencer. film protagonist of “Monica’s Gang” and also of series that the Globoplay will cast on the characters of Mauricio de Sousashe explains the transformation:

– The people in the film told me, from the start, that they wanted to depersonalize Mônica. It’s great for my career. So I started sending suggestions for this process. I wanted to apply it for a long time. They really liked the idea, but they thought of something else. It scared me. They were talking about painting and I was scared because I had never done anything. But I’m an influencer named Nthis Barrett, who appeared with all red hair. I offered it to them too. And they loved it. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too surprised by the change, no. When they first saw me, they said I matched that color. I think so too. I once cut bangs and hated it. I felt like my features had changed. Now, even though it’s very different, I feel like it didn’t touch my essence.

Regarding the weight loss, Giulia says it was for health reasons and with the monitoring of a nutritionist:

– In quarantine, I received medical examinations and I was a little scared. Some data came altered, such as glucose. And health is the most important thing in life. So I had to change my diet. Monica always allowed me to be overweight, because the character is chubby. This new character is completely different. I have everything set up in my favour. I started a food rehabilitation process and got the weight loss bonus. It helped me get out of the characterization of Monica.

According to the actress, the beginning of the process was more complicated.

– I have always been very relaxed with food, ordering food three times a week. I just fast food. Now I eat vegetables, salads, fruits… fast food It’s clean (Laughs). I choose poke and Japanese food. And I don’t skimp on the diet. I can keep it stable and strong. The beginning was more difficult. But over time you can get used to it. When you are in food rehabilitation, you allow yourself to try new things. I’ll take this for life – she says, who is 1.56m tall and currently weighs 53kg.

Giulia adds that she never had a goal:

– My doctor even asked me how much I wanted to lose. I told him that I wanted to like what I saw. I have already exceeded my ideal weight. Today I’m inside. The body was never a big deal for me, but I love how much better I am now.

She will shoot the film in Fortaleza starting next Friday (20). It is a Sony Pictures production with co-distribution of Elo Company and Sony. At the beginning of the year, he recorded the Globoplay series:

– We took the time when the Covid was very high, but everything went well. I think the production chose the right actors. Outside of the main class, I thought the Mariana Ximene like Madame Frufru stayed the same, something crazy. THE Milena (Emily Nayara) also.


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