Health warns priority groups to get flu and measles vaccinations

With the aim of reducing the circulation of the virus and, consequently, the number of hospitalizations and the risk of death due to influenza, the municipality of Maceió launched, on April 4, the vaccination campaign against influenza and measles 2022. In the capital, the priority groups of the campaign correspond to 362,509 people eligible for vaccination, which continues until June 3.

Although it has been going on for over a month and is about to end, flu vaccine coverage is still at a slow pace. According to the latest survey by the Vaccination Department of the Municipal Health Department, out of 58,928 children aged 6 months to less than 5 years, only 7.56% were vaccinated. Pregnant and postpartum women represent respectively 6.26% and 4.44% of vaccinated women. Among the elderly, who correspond to 124,338 people, only 27.21% received the dose against the flu. Of the 42,396 health workers, 44.53% were vaccinated. And only 2.01% of teachers are vaccinated against the flu.

“Each year, the Ministry of Health presents the vaccination campaign against influenza and measles. However, we emphasize that last year’s vaccine is different from the currently available vaccine. This vaccine is trivalent, it will protect against H1N1, H3N2 and Influenza B viruses. Late last year there was an outbreak of H3N2, so all groups need to take the vaccine again to protect themselves. We have a vaccine, but not everyone is vaccinated. It is important that the population responds to our call and tries to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” emphasizes the nurse from the Vaccination Department, Camila Peixoto.

Maceió Vaccination Management Nurse, Camila Peixoto, highlights vaccine protection. Photo: Gabriel Moreira/Secom Maceio

Regarding the transmissibility of the virus, infectious disease specialist Renee Oliveira says that rainy weather is conducive to the transmission of influenza between people. “We are in a rainy season in our region, when the temperature drops and people stay close to each other, whether indoors or at home with their families. Therefore, these factors become favorable for the spread of influenza virus. So, at this time, the flu vaccination is very important, ”he reinforces.

PAM Salgadinho's infectiologist, Renee Oliveira, reinforces the flu vaccination.  Photo: SMS Ascom
PAM Salgadinho’s infectiologist, Renee Oliveira, reinforces the flu vaccination. Photo: SMS Ascom

In addition to the audiences targeted by the campaign, other priority groups should seek health training to ensure flu vaccination. These are people with comorbidities, permanent disabilities, armed forces, security and rescue forces, prison staff, truck drivers, public transport workers, port workers, indigenous peoples, the population deprived of liberty and adolescents in compliance with socio-educational measures.


Measles is a highly transmissible, acute viral disease that can lead to complications, especially in malnourished children under the age of one. To prevent outbreaks of the disease, the 2022 vaccination campaign is focused on children aged 6 months to under 5 years and health workers.

“Among the priority groups, only children and health workers receive the measles vaccine. The health workers only update the vaccine, the children must take the measles dose regardless of their vaccination status,” explains nurse Camila Peixoto.


To be vaccinated against Influenza and Measles, the population must present, in addition to the vaccination card, an identity document with photo. Health workers must also present a document justifying their professional practice – class council card, badge, up-to-date salary slip or certificate from the health establishment in which they work or carry out an internship.

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