Heróis da Fruta lands on the small screen with a Portuguese animated series

The Fruit Heroes project of the Portuguese Association Against Childhood Obesity (APCOI), 10 years after its launch in schools, arrives this month on the small screen with a Portuguese animated series of 26 episodes that tell the adventures of a group of super heroes who want to save the planet “by the bite”, traveling the country in search of fruits and vegetables of national origin to gain super powers.

The premiere is scheduled for World Food Day, celebrated on October 16, broadcast on Canal Panda, RTP2, RTP Madeira, Porto Canal, Local Visão TV and Meo Kids. On this date, the solidarity book inspired by the series also arrives in stores. Series teaser download link: https://we.tl/t-YgRMCtSnBv

Mário Silva, President of APCOI and national coordinator of the Heróis da Fruta project, explains that “this series is an adaptation in cartoons of the Heróis da Fruta initiative that APCOI has implemented in schools since 2011 to prevent childhood obesity, by encouraging the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables, in the quantities recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and which has already improved the eating habits of 502,122 children”.

After winning over half a million students in schools across Portugal, the health education project, Heróis da Fruta, is now coming to the small screen with the special participation of actors Jessica Athayde and Diogo Amaral who give voice to the main characters of this series. .

“I loved expressing the character of Sushi in this APCOI project. It is essential to educate our children to have good eating habits. I hope that Heróis da Fruta will help awaken new habits in the homes of those who serve us. will listen,” actress Jessica Athayde says of her participation.

For actor Diogo Amaral “As a father, being able to speak for the Heróis da Fruta project is something very special for me. I hope that this action by APCOI will help raise the awareness of many parents and children and that meals will be more colorful.

Throughout the 26 episodes, Heróis da Fruta will set a positive example for children and taste various fruits and vegetables of national origin: Kiwi from Portugal (16/Oct); Watermelon Ladoeiro (October 17); Grape Ribatejo (October 18); Soza’s Pumpkin (October 19); Rogil’s Peanut (October 20); Watercress of Almancil (21/Oct); Pomegranate from Alentejo (22/Oct); Amora do Minho (October 23); Orange Algarve (October 24); Pineapple from the Azores (25/Oct); Olives from Elvas and Campo Maior (26/Oct); Fundão Cherry (October 27); Red onion from Montemor-o-Novo (October 28); Baby Alentejo Carrot (29/Oct); sweet potatoes from Aljezur (30/Oct); Pear Rocha do Oeste (October 31); Strawberry Mirandela (November 1); Sever do Vouga blueberry (Nov/02); Fishing from Cova da Beira (Nov/03); Lardosa Cowpea Beans (Nov/04); Alvalade do Sado Tomato (Nov/05); Portuguese prickly pear (06/Nov); Santa Maria Melon (Nov/07); Madeira Banana (Nov/08); Almeirim Melon (Nov/09) and Alcobaça Apple (Nov/10).

From October 16 to November 10, every day a new episode will be broadcast on all the initiative’s partner television channels: Canal Panda, RTP2, RTP Madeira, Porto Canal and Localvisão TV.

On MEO Kids, a space exclusively dedicated to Fruit Heroes will be available on the date of the premiere, in which the little ones can watch and review all the episodes, whenever they want, in position 53.

In addition, the episodes can also be heard daily on several local radio stations in different regions of the country: Rádio ZigZag, Mundial FM, Rádio Voz do Sorraia, Rádio Planície, Rádio Cartaxo, RUA FM, Rádio Dueça, Rádio Dom Fuas and Rádio Pico.

On this day, the first coloring book, inspired by the animated series, also arrives in Aldi supermarkets across the country. This book has a symbolic price of 2.99 euros and comes to reinforce the range of solidarity products Heróis da Fruta, which includes mini-apples, mini-pears, mini-carrots and mini-waters, created in partnership between APCOI and Aldi supermarkets and the sale of which a part returns to support this school project, having already made it possible in recent years to bring tons of fruit to thousands of pupils who do not eat snacks from home.

“We are very proud to be part of this important project. We started our partnership in 2018 with the sale of mini apples and mini pears and we have recently expanded our range of products for children with mini carrots and mini waters, always favoring national products. We have managed to promote changes with a lasting impact on the eating habits of the little ones and to contribute to the fight against malnutrition in children, stimulating the daily consumption of healthy foods and, at the same time, promoting inclusion. of the neediest students,” said Elke Muranyi, Corporate Responsibility Director of ALDI Portugal.

“Producing this series in Portugal was only possible thanks to the talented animation team of the production company Antes ao Fim do Mundo and the generous support of our national and regional partners, including producer associations and municipalities. , namely: Associação dos Produtores de Açã de Alcobaça, Portuguese Association of Kiwi Producers, Agricultural Cooperative of Citrus Producers of the Algarve, Agricultural Cooperative of Fruit Producers of Cova da Beira, Agricultural Association of Santa Maria and Agromariensecoop, Portuguese Association of Indian Fig Producers, Municipal Council of Aljezur, Montemor-o-Novo, Almeirim Town Hall, Town Hall of Idanha-a-Nova, Town Hall of Santiago do Cacém, Boa Fruta Açores, Cerfundão, Dona Uva, Adoora, Mirtilusa , Luís Vicente Group, Vitacress, Novo Nordisk and Aldi,” concludes Mário Silva.

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