Hologram ‘transports’ Top Gun: Maverick director to Lisbon at 5G speed

The sequel to the cult film Top Gun hits theaters May 26 and, as usual, the director and cast unfold in presentations and previews, complete with press conferences and previews. Yesterday it was the turn of Top Gun: Maverick to be presented at Alvaláxia, but Joseph Kosinski, the director of the film, did not have to leave London to answer questions from journalists.appearing on stage alongside Vasco Palmeirim in a very realistic holographic projection.

The materialized moment what NOS says will be the first international hologram on 5G and the combination of image quality and interactivity guaranteed by the immediacy of communication made the experience more real.

On both sides, the technological infrastructure and the scenario have been set up for the moment of the presentation. In London, in a hotel, a space has been fitted out with Vantablack, the substance that uses carbon nanotubes, white lights and captures with a 4K HD camera. In Lisbon, a scene with a dark background and the projection in Full HD 1080. Joseph Kosinski’s appearance on the scene was almost like magicmaterializing the image of the director with a presence that, from the side of the public, was difficult not to perceive as real and to distinguish from that of the presenter.

Jorge Graça, Technical Director of NOSexplained to SAPO TEK that in London, the room where the image of Joseph Kosinski and Ian O’Connell, director of Musion who was a partner in this experiment was, was prepared for a conference but that the network used was the Wi -Fi. Fi Hotel, and that the transmission has always been done on public networks. In Lisbon, NOS used the 5G network to guarantee not only the speed but also the reliability of communications.

See images of the presentation in Lisbon

Holographic technology closer and closer

Holographic transmission has been associated with musica technology company that has already done a series of work in this area, including concerts with musicians such as Gorillaz, Mariah Carey, Dita Von Teese and Tupac, at the Coachella festival.

Ian O’Connell, director of Musion, also materialized on the stage of Alvaláxia to answer journalists’ questions and explain the potential of the technology. “Paramount says this is the future and I won’t go against Paramounthe scoffed.

The advantages of being able to ‘move’ people from one end of the world to the other, instantaneously, were underlined by Ian O’Connell who underlined the potential in music and events such as conferences, but also in distance educationwith a greater capacity for attraction and interactivity than videoconferences.

At SAPO TEK, he added that nowadays the production of this type of holographic presentations is becoming easier and easier with MDH Hologram technology, and that in London it was not necessary to be in the studio. , the scenario being set up in a hotel room. measuring 8 meters by 7 meters, where a black background was used with the darkest substance in the world, Vantablack, which is able to absorb more than 99.9% of light, a reflective floor and white lights like lighting. “It is already a very realistic image and in the transmission the 5G allows the communication of the signal and we use the public network,” he says.

Ian O’Connell admits, however, that there are still a few years before we can have this type of technology at home and using holograms instead of video conferencing, but believes this will reach businesses and schools sooner, especially in countries like India where there is a huge shortage of teachers.

“The Need for Speed” by Top Gun: Maverick

More than thirty-five years after the release of Top Gun, released in theaters in 1986, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell hasn’t lost the charisma or irreverence that characterizes the character embodied by Tom Cruise. The pilot has not yet passed the category of captain, disobeys orders and proves that the human is not an endangered category when it comes to piloting fighter jets in extreme situations.

Joseph Kosinski explains that the the technology used for the new film only became available in 2017 and when they decided to go ahead with the film they only had a prototype camera. “We were able to put 6 IMAX cameras in the cockpit of the plane and have real images […] I think the results speak for themselves.”

The participation of Tom Cruise was a key element for the film and Joseph Kosinski told how he went with the producer to Paris, where the actor was filming yet another Mission: Impossible, to convince him. “He didn’t want to go back if the story wasn’t perfect. […] repeating success was like hitting a ball with another ball. I think we have achieved it, I hope the public will prove it”, he justifies.

The collaboration of the United States Navy was also highlighted as fundamental to the film, realizing permission to fly below 200 feet, with very intense maneuvers and a lot of gravitational force (Gs). But working together was even easier with Tom Cruise on board, not least because “a lot of these people went to the Navy inspired by Top Gun.”

THE “need for speed”, tension with the right mix of humor, ability to test the limits and complete a mission against an enemy who this time is not named, are just some of the elements that make Top Gun: Maverick a great film, which keeps the viewer in the chair from start to finish and which has everything to be one of the successes of the year in cinema.

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