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With the COVID-19 pandemic, platforms like Zoom have gained new importance, allowing you to maintain communication even from a distance. As the public health crisis continues, video calls remain an essential tool, whether for work or talking to friends and family.

At How to TeK, we have already helped you to liven up online Zoom sessions with the wide range of filters and effects of the platform. But did you know that it is possible to combine it with instant camera for even more fun video calls?

The process is simple and, thanks to the integration of the free Snap application, compatible for Windows and macOS, you will be able to access even more filters and effects, including some proposals that until recently delighted Internet users. on social media, like the filter that turns the user into a Pixar-style cartoon.

Click on the images to learn how you can integrate Snap Camera into Zoom

Follow these steps:

1 – Download the application from the Snapchat website.

2 – After downloading it to your computer, install the application by following the instructions on the screen.

3 – Once the Snap Camera is installed, open Zoom and click on the gear icon to access the settings section.

4 – Select the “Video” option.

5 – Choose “Snap Camera” as video input option.

6 – To try out the set of filters and effects during your Zoom video calls, open the Snap Camera app when starting a new meeting. From there, you can have fun experimenting with the options available, which include popular filters such as cartoons, creative image effects and even more “ready-to-use” proposals, similar to the famous filter that turns you into an animated potato.

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