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download the disneyy+ on smart TV Samsung it’s a simple process. Streaming arrived in Brazil at the end of 2020, with a diverse catalog of productions by Sayehand and its franchises, including classics, new releases and exclusive content. The service has a monthly subscription of R$27.90 per month, but has promotional prices in the annual subscription and combos with other streams, such as Star+ and Globepthey.

You can access all content from disney+ on a variety of device types, including the latest smart TVs from Samsungthat run the operating system citizen. The brand’s televisions manufactured before 2016 work with another system, Orsay, which is not compatible with the company’s streaming service. disney. Find out, below, the step by step on how to download and install the disney+ on smart TVs from Samsung.

The tutorial shows how to download Disney Plus on Samsung TV — Photo: Rafael Leite/TechTudo

Step 1. With your TV remote control, press the Home button to access the Smart Hub;

Press the “Home” button on the remote control of Samsung TVs — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 2. With the navigation buttons on the remote, press the “Applications” icon;

On Samsung TV’s Smart Hub, tap the ‘Apps’ option — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 3. On the screen that opens, tap the search icon;

On this screen you can find apps to install on Samsung TVs — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 4. Type “disney” to search for the application. When finished, press the “Done” button;

By typing “Disney”, it is possible to find the “Disney+” application to install on Samsung TV — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 5. Tap the icon of disney+;

“Disney+” app icon in the Samsung TV app store — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 6. Click the “Install” button. Once the installation is complete, the “Open” button will appear. Click on it;

When the ‘Disney+’ app is installed on the Samsung TV, the page will show the ‘Open’ button — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 7. By entering the application disney+, you will have two options. Click “Connection” to connect;

The “Disney+” app home screen gives the option to subscribe to the service or log in with an existing account — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 8. The screen will show a website and a code to login. For the next step, you will need a computer or smartphone;

The Disney+ app will display a website and code for the user to log in — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 9. By computer or smartphone, access the website displayed on the TV screen ( and, on the website, enter the code that appears on the TV. Press “Continue”. Next, the site will ask for the email address registered with the streaming service. Enter it and press “Continue”;

Activation of the Disney+ app can be done via the smartphone — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 10. After entering the email, you will be asked for the password. Enter it and click “Confirm”. The website will say the TV is set up;

Upon confirming the Disney+ password on the smartphone, the screen the TV is set to will be displayed — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 11. Once the TV recognizes the connection, the “TV is set up” screen will appear. Click “Watch Now” to access the service’s collection;

The Disney+ app will show that the Samsung TV is set up and the service is ready to use — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 12. Choose the profile of who will watch the disney+ or create a new one;

In the Disney+ application, it is possible to choose the profile of the user who will watch certain content or create a new one — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 13. Using the navigation buttons on the remote, choose a title to watch. By navigating to the left, the application displays a menu;

Home screen of the Disney+ app, where the user can choose what content to watch — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 14. When you choose the title you want and click on it, click “Watch” to enter the content;

When you click on content in the Disney+ app, the synopsis of the video is displayed — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 15. It is possible to choose the audio and subtitle options by navigating with the “up” button to the subtitle icon;

It is possible to change audio and subtitle options while watching content on the Disney+ app — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 16. In the “Audio” tab, it is possible to choose from the language options for the audio. Click on the desired one;

The audio options available on the Disney+ app vary depending on each content — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 17. In the “Subtitles” tab, the language options to show subtitles or to turn them off are displayed. Click on the desired one;

The subtitle options available on the Disney+ app vary depending on each content — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

Step 18. In the “Subtitle Style” tab, you can configure the settings for better text display on your TV. Once the settings are complete, click “Done”.

In the Disney+ app for Samsung TVs, it is possible to change some aspects of the subtitle design — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Leite

In this way it is possible to enjoy all the content available on the disney+ on your smart TV from Samsung.

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