How to move your data to a new Android phone

Recently, Google simultaneously announced two versions of Phoneoh Pixel 6A already available in the United States of America (USA) since May 11 and Pixel 7, which is expected to hit the North American market next fall in the region. There is still no release date for Brazil. Even so, it is already possible to prepare to know how to move data to the new Android device.

How to move your data to a new Android phone. (Picture: Pixabay)

According to the company, migrating data from one Android phone to another is quite simple. As soon as the user launches the new Phoneit automatically sees the instructions with the steps to follow.

It is worth pointing out that in the case of those who have opted for two-factor authentication or a 2FA application, such as Google Authenticator on the phone, one must be aware that the data will not be moved automatically. In this case, you will need to take a few additional steps.

Noting that in case of loss or failure of the old phone, it is also possible to install the applications and data on a new device using only the Google One backup. However, this technique will only be applicable if the backup was made on the old mobile phone.


See below all the steps that should be done gradually to ensure that your data is recovered when switching devices.

phone backup

First of all, it is crucial to back up your phone. It is this process that will store the data in a Google account in the cloud, allowing it to be accessed and entered later on a new device. Look what to do:

  • Select Settings > Google > Backup;
  • If you’ve never backed up your phone before, you’ll be prompted to sign in with Google One. If you decline the invitation by pressing the “Not now” button, you will return to the previous menu.
  • The backup screen lets you know how much storage you have and what has already been backed up. Please note that if your photos and videos are synced with Google Photos, they are already backed up, even if the rest of your data is not.
  • You can also perform an immediate backup. So, if you are going to move your data to a new phone, go ahead and tap Backup Now.
  • If you have set a screen lock, enter your PIN. You won’t be able to use your fingerprint or face unlock for this.
  • At this point, your data will be copied. This may take a few minutes; the save screen will be grayed out during the process.

Migrating data to a new phone

There are several ways to transfer data to a new phone. In case the new device starts from scratch, you will have to move the data from the old phone or restore the data from a backup as mentioned above.

Remember that the process may vary depending on the interface. But in general, just:

  • Turn on your phone and tap Start.
  • If there is not already a SIM card on the card, you will be prompted to insert it or download an eSIM.
  • Connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • After a few minutes, you will be notified that you can copy your apps and data. Press Next.
  • If you want to copy your data from your old device, turn it on and unlock it. Press Next.

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