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Looney Tunes and NBA stars

Unlike the duo responsible for the podcast Ball in the air (NBA podcast from MadreMedia), I’m not a basketball connoisseur at all. But if there’s one thing I remember, it’s being younger and watching Buggs Bunny and Michael Jordan dribble the ball through my television, not even knowing for sure that I was watching one of the athletes. most iconic of all time.

This is why, a few weeks ago, when the “Space Jam: A New Era”before going to take a look at the new chapter of this universe, i paid a nostalgic visit to the 1996 film and today i’m going to tell you everything you need to know, whether you’ve seen the original or not .

THE “SpaceJam” is almost 25 years old and was the first Warner Bros. with a mixture of live action and animation, which brings together for about an hour and a half some of the most famous cartoons of the 90s kidsthe Looney Tunes, and what is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

The principle of the film is relatively simple. Michael Jordan (the character), embodied by the player himself, has just announced that he will definitively abandon the basketball courts. At the same time, on another planet in the galaxy, a group of little aliens, the Nerdlucks, plan to kidnap the famous Looney Tunes cartoons. When they finally find them, they meet characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, and Tweety, and realize that the task of getting them to their planet isn’t that easy.

AQVGD - Space Jam AQVGD - Space Jam

In a sort of consensus, Nerdlucks and Looney Tunes agree that everything will be settled in a game of basketball, a sport the cartoons were particularly good at. In order not to be left behind, the aliens decide to visit some of the players and steal their “basketball talent”, leaving them with no ability to catch a ball or hit a basket. Then they will use this power to defeat their opponents.

But then, where does Michael Jordan come from here?! Now, like in those movies, everything must end well, it will be the NBA star who will join the Looney Tunes so that they can win the decisive game.

  • From field to screen: In addition to Michael Jordan, several NBA players and coaches were featured in this film, including Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley, the five players whose skills were stolen.

  • A success at the box office: Although the film did not receive the best reviews, the truth is that it was a box office success. according to box office mojogrossed over $230 million worldwide.

  • Where to see: If you want to see it for the first time or rewatch it on a nostalgic trip, the 1996 film is available on HBO Portugal.

  • The second chapter: And if you want to skip to the latest “Space Jam: An Era” movie, it’s still available in theaters and this time the NBA star is LeBron James. to see here the trailer.

To do with the handkerchiefs on the side

There are certain clichés that make good animated films. Adorable characters, villains that are hard to take seriously, an exciting story, a start that leaves us with tears in our eyes, an ending that we always knew would end well, but which always surprises us and, of course, the songs that thrill like we’re all 5 again.

As it is not necessary to play with a team which plays well, the film “Alive” arrived on Netflix a few days ago and delivered all the shots we are entitled to. And, unsurprisingly, the formula once again worked and the animated feature film, since then, has not left the top 10 of the most viewed content on the platform. Diffusion.

In shot number 1, we have the adorable character who gives the film its title. Vivo is a quincaju (a kind of hybrid between bear, monkey and raccoon) taken in by Andrés, an old wolf cub man who was once a music star. Together they act in the street, encouraging everyone with their rhythm and their music. But it’s after Andrés’ death (didn’t I say there were tears?) that Vivo finds himself lost and alone in the world.

AQVGD - Alive AQVGD - Alive

To honor the memory of his companion, the quincaju ends up embarking on a mission to Miami, where the objective is to find Marta, an artist on whom he wrote a song and who was, at one time, the musical companion and life of Andrés. And who will be the bad guys here? Nothing more, nothing less than three Girl Scouts. But I won’t give any more spoilers. Best to see it for yourself, along with a packet of tissues.

  • A fun detail: Unlike many animated films where anything is possible and not even questioned, in this one, although everyone speaks English, it is assumed that humans are not able to understand what is said animals. It’s a small detail that makes all the difference.

  • The story of “Live”: It is Sony Pictures Animation’s first musical film. It was originally pitched to DreamWorks Animation in 2010 (but the company’s plans swapped production runs). It was supposed to hit theaters in 2020, but as the pandemic has upended the movie industry, it only recently arrived on Netflix. to see here the trailer.

End credits

  • A Portuguese series: A series created a few days ago on RTP that is worth watching. “Pôr Do Sol” was initially presented as a summer mini-novel but it is in fact a satire of the genre that the public loves so much in Portugal. It’s light and it sometimes makes the audience laugh, which amounts to saying “there’s a good recipe for August nights”. to hide here.

  • Why do we like horror movies? : here without fears. We promise there’s no bloodshed, no panics, no heads rolling.

  • Musical suggestion of the week: It came out on Friday but I admit I’ve heard it before in repeat new “Rumors” Lizzo with Cardi B.

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