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The most cited name to inhabit the new 007, Idris Elba dodged the question about his possible training as a james bond – in the restructuring of the franchise with the departure of Daniel Craig – during your visit 75th Cannes Film Festival, in France. The British actor, declared fan of “City of God” and known on Globoplay for the series “Luther”, topped internet polls as the first Black Bond film.

Activist for anti-racist causes, Idris has already made his interest in playing the secret agent clear.but his current engagement is the movie”Three thousand years of nostalgia“, from the Australian george millerwhich can be a competitor of Oscars 2023. The 49-year-old Briton and Tilda Swinton star in this romantic fantasy about loneliness in modern times based on the adventure of a narrating historian with a genie in the lamp, a Djin.

“This character is a free spirit. I don’t see his actions as if he were a hero. As a hero, he only has the bravery of those who care about someone, who, in this case, is the character of Tilda”, Idris L’Elbe said gshowat Cannes, who also commented on other big-screen roles:

“I was told one day that I had already reached the 100 film mark on my CV. I didn’t count. But I’m sure of it: I’ve never played two characters in the same way. ”

Idris Elba and director George Miller at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival — Photo: Rodrigo Fonseca

After starring in the “Luther” series, Elba rose to fame in Hollywood. At 49, he accumulates nominations: a Golden Globe for “Mandela – The Road to Freedom”, in 2014, and one for “Beasts of No Nation”, in 2016. He was voted the sexiest man in the world by “People” magazine in 2018, when he made his directorial debut with “Raízes de Sangue”, which was acclaimed at the Berlin Film Festival four years ago.

“I am part of a generation of poor people who saw few black people perform at the London Theater but believed there was room. Room for human stories. Room to make our stories universal “, said the actor.

Idris Elba, director George Miller and Tilda Swinton at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival — Photo: Rodrigo Fonseca

“I would really like to go to Brazil one day, because I felt there when I saw ‘City of God’. I was in a showroom in England, but the feeling of being in Rio s ended and the credits went up. And look, I was in a movie theater in London. This Brazilian film awoke in me the feeling of authenticity. After that, I felt the desire to make people feel represented in what I do,” said the fan of the 2002 film.

Later this year, Idris Elba will be in “Beast”, by Baltasar Kormákur, in which he confronts a hungry lion.

Idris Elba talks about his character in “Three Thousand Years of Nostalgia” — Photo: Rodrigo Fonseca

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