In a documentary, Mayra Pinheiro restores the truth about Manaus during the pandemic (see video and trailer)

In an initiative of health professionals, with Dr. Mayra Pinheiro in front, concerned about truth and justice, a documentary has been made – MANAUS MISSION, which will tell what happened in the episode that marked Brazil during the Covid pandemic in 2021.

The collapse of the health service established in the capital of Amazonas has mobilized the entire structure of the federal government, in addition to many volunteers, to minimize the effects of chaos, with a lack of oxygen and many deaths, in addition to bring normality back to the health sector in the state. For this, the efforts were not measured, and real Brazilian heroes were essential, and deserved all the recognition possible.

The documentary will show testimonies from important people who were involved in this difficult moment. And no one better to talk about the documentary, in a press release, than a remarkable character for Brazilians; Dr. Mayra Pinheiro.


Manaus Mission Documentary Released

Overcoming and resignation in a Brazilian story, very Brazilian. What could be just a portrait of loss and grief has ended up turning into a complex vision of the reality of our country, which, even in extreme adversity, improvises hope and altruism beyond imagining. .

The documentary about the Manaus mission will be released on June 1, 2022 and tells the story of health professionals and other characters who have actively participated in the task force organized in Manaus in the fight against the coronavirus. The report presents to the public the impact that the Ministry of Health, the armed forces and the federal governments have made of the restructuring of the health service provided to this region, at a time of total collapse of the network.

The film reports, in detail, the vision of those who worked on the front line during the period of the pandemic in the capital of Amazonas. It highlights the extraordinary task force that was immediately planned and executed by public officials, to alleviate the pain of thousands of people who suffered in hospital queues with lack of oxygen and conditions basis for caring for the sick.

Some of those interviewed are: Amazonas Ministry of Health Superintendent Colonel Paulo Ricardo; the federal deputy, Bia Kicis; federal deputy, Carla Zambelli; journalist Augusto Nunes; the secretary of labor management and health education, Dr. Hélio Angotti; the former director of the executive secretariat of the Ministry of Health, Colonel Nivaldo Moura Filho; the director of logistics at the Ministry of Health, General Ridauto Fernandes; the secretary of primary health care, Dr. Raphaël Camara; the special adviser of the Civil House, Élcio Franco; the Superintendent of the Ministry of Health of Amazonas, Colonel Paulo Ricardo; the former Minister of Health, General Pazuello, and the journalist, Alexandre Garcia.

“The 212 million Brazilians deserve to know the truth about the health crisis that has devastated Manaus.” Mayra Pinheiro.

FACT SHEET of the MANAUS MISSION documentary:

Direction – Thelmo Maia

Junior Mendes

Direction of photography – Thelmo Maia

Junior Mendes

Production – BlackJack Movies

Executive direction – Rebecca Stumput

Roadmap – Michael Sullivan

Bruno Sousa

Assembly – Gabriel Lage

Track and audio – Sergio Medeiros

cameras – Luan Viana

Thiago Alves

Photography – Caetana Matos

Watch the trailer:

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