In the new season of “Stranger Things”, the children have grown up. But are you okay? “We are preparing the end”, they say – Observer

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It was the year 2016, the Diffusion gave clear signs that this was going to be the future and at the start of this summer a series quietly arrived on Netflix which would not cause a revolution, but would satisfy all the desires of those nostalgic for the 1980s and create millions of fans in different generations. “Stranger Things” was able to fulfill all the conditions necessary for the success of a series, with the satisfaction and freedom of not having commitments. A kind of professional innocence. 1980s nostalgia was already a familiar topic, “Stranger Things” made it new. The Duffer Brothers, the makers of the show, created a formula for accessing our memories (and creating new ones in those who had none).

Six years later, three years after the third season, we come to the fourth, released in two stages, eight episodes on May 27 and a final episode on July 1. Nine episodes delayed by the pandemic. During a press conference which took place this Thursday in Spain and which the Observer attended virtually, Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, recalls the fatality of talking about it in one of the first answers: “C It’s hard to talk about this season without talking about the pandemic. We were about to start filming and suddenly everything happened and we had to stop. The comeback was quick – give credit to whoever did it. did shoot – but the way of filming was totally different, plus it’s a longer season, with multiple stories happening at the same time.

[o trailer da nova temporada de “Stranger Things”:]

Charlie Heaton or Jonathan were also present. Nancy and Jonathan were a couple until the end of the third season. It’s all changed. This Wednesday there is a new challenge for their lives, but something is also happening: since 2016 – and the delay of the pandemic contributes to this – the actors have aged. In other words, these two who started as teenagers are no longer. Not the respective characters. Now teenagers are different, the kids that fascinated us in 2016: “Everyone has matured. I think it’s a bit like “Harry Potter”, it’s that kind of process. When the characters drive the show, you can’t grow and lose that of the characters. It is important to see how the characters evolve. Plus, the fans have also grown, so it’s only natural that the characters and the show will grow as well: this season is much darker. If at first it sounded more like ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stand By Me’, now it’s very close to ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’”, says Charlie.


Part of this growth also assumes that you are coming to an end. This fourth season is the penultimate of “Stranger Things” and the promotional posters are not fooled, we can read everywhere: “Every end has a beginning”. Without opening up the game too much, Charlie admits that “it’s the most developed season, it’s clear that we’re nearing the end. With this in mind, we are pulling back the curtain on many issues. Why is everything happening? In other words, to go deeper into the mythology. This season serves to prepare for the final.

It all happens six months since the end of last season. That is, after the devastating events that nearly destroyed the town of Hawkins. Several characters are separated and, in the middle of all the challenges that exist in the city, the secondary school begins for certain characters: “The children grow up and with that opportunities are created to talk about different things, new challenges. Subjects that, when they were younger, it didn’t make sense to talk about. They have matured, evolved and now they will face the difficulties of teenage life,” says Natalie.

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