Instagram expands Tiktok-style stream test to more people in Brazil

O instagram decided to expand the user base with full-screen access to the stream. From Thursday (19) to Friday (20), the reports of accessing a different appearance increased, which surprised many people. The look is inspired by ICT Tac and favors the vertical rectangular format, like Reels and Stories.

In terms of functionality, nothing changes with the Switch. Users still navigate the feed by scrolling up or down, but now only one post is displayed at a time. The difference is that now the post, comment and send icons are positioned “inside” the image or video, with a white color.

The full-screen format allows for better focus on the content, as there is no competition from other elements on the screen like before. On the other hand, featured comments, which previously could be previewed just below the image, are completely hidden in your space.

Bone testing started two weeks ago and were more concentrated in English-speaking countries. It’s unclear how many people or regions have been included in this new wave, but many users in Brazil are reporting the change. On Twitter, the comments are mostly negative, with criticism of the alleged “tiktokenization” of Instagram.

Format Privileges or Reels

In the full-screen main stream, the user can still use the bottom navigation bar to access the discovery tab, view reels, search for stores to buy, or browse their own profile. Icons for switching views (chronological or algorithm-guided feed), creating a post, seeing notifications, and navigating direct messages are also intact at the top.

The biggest loss felt is that the stories bar disappears when you scroll down, which has happened before, but seems to put more emphasis on the fullscreen format. Temporary content remains as it is today, pinned to the top of the home page and accessible only by manually scrolling up or clicking the home icon to return to home.

What is in place, however, is the user’s clear direction to produce short (or not-so-short) videos with Reels, in an attempt to contain the rival social network’s lead.

Dilemma between public x money

Instagram needs to collect the data to assess whether the change will hurt the views and engagement of stories and photo posts. The problem is that stories and the feed are still the platform’s main sources of revenue — short videos are still not used for advertising purposes.

The change may even appeal to younger people, but they are not the financial supporters of the system, so there is a big dilemma here. It is not yet known when (or if) the visual will become the default mode of the stable application of the Meta platform.

O Canaltech will bring more official information as soon as it is given by Instagram. For now, all you have to do is send your opinion, positive or negative, to the largest social network in the world to decide which format appeals to the greatest number.

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