Internet that Elon Musk wants in the Amazon is already operating in Brazil

Current coverage is for Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. (Raphael Henrique/Getty Images)

  • Starlink expects to gain at least 60,000 customers in Brazil in the first year of operation

  • Although available, the service has low coverage and high value;

  • Musk is in Brazil to expand the company’s operations in the country.

Approved in January of this year by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the satellite Internet service of Elon Musk, Starlink, already operates in parts of Brazil. For now, only parts of the Southeast and South regions can request the service.

In addition to the low coverage, the service isn’t cheap either: the total monthly fee, including taxes, is R$744.60, but the customer has to pay R$2,670 for the kit needed to use the Internet, in addition to the R$365. and R$511 of a deposit, requested by SpaceX.

Currently, current coverage is for much of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to some areas of Minas Gerais. In the case of Rio Grande do Sul, the region is identified with coverage planned for the end of this semester.

In Espírito Santo and cities in northern Minas Gerais, including Montes Claros, the Starlink network is expected to be available by the end of 2022. Parts of Paraná, such as Cascavel and Maringá, are planned for the first quarter of 2023.

On the Starlink site, in the upper left corner, the Elon Musk’s company has a map so people interested in the service know if they can subscribe to Starlink now or if they have to wait a bit longer. When opened, the card is set in three colors.

Light green indicates the service is “available now” for hiring, while dark green indicates the customer can pre-purchase and wait on the waitlist. Gray areas are always out of coverage.

The limitation of Starlink service coverage areas is due to the number of satellites in the constellation that cannot yet support customers globally. However, this scenario will change as the network expands, especially with the second generation of Starlink satellites.

How to Hire Starlink

If your area doesn’t have service coverage, simply sign up on the Starlink website to be notified when it becomes available. In areas on the waiting list, the service can be requested with a deposit of R$ 530.00, but the customer must wait for a notice of availability.

In hotspot areas, however, Starlink notes that due to maximum coverage capacity in these regions, customer demand may take some time to be fulfilled – the company is sending a notification updating the situation.

Starlink expects to gain at least 60,000 customers in Brazil in the first year of operation in the country, mostly in the South and Southeast regions, according to data provided by the Amazonas government. The company did not reveal how many Brazilian subscribers it currently has.

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