Is it worth subscribing to the Disney+ and Star+ combo?

On August 31, a new stream arrived in Brazil. It’s about Star+, which offers diversified content, owned by Disney subsidiaries. Some productions not corresponding to the style proposed by Disney+, the creation of a new platform was necessary. However, it is exclusive to Latin America, given that in the United States, Hulu streaming already fulfills this role.

Thus, Star+ brings a complete catalog of series, films and programs directly from channels such as Fox, ABC, Freeform, ESPN, in addition to Searchlight, Touchstone, Hollywood, Caravan Pictures and 20th Century Studios. Anyone who wants to subscribe to both Disney platforms can take advantage of the combo offered for R$45.90/month.

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So, find out about the advantages of this solidarity subscription to take advantage of all its advantages.

Star+ News

In addition to Brazil, streaming was also available in other Latin American countries. This is the case of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru, to name but a few.

In this sense, it is expected that soon original content will be produced by the company, focusing on the audience of these places. Series like Saint Evita and It wasn’t my fault Brazil have already been announced by the service as some of their upcoming releases.

Packages offered

THE Disney+ and Star+ bundle presents savings of around 25% for consumers, taking into account that the individual subscriptions of each stream added together approach the value of R$60.80 (as Disney+ costs R$27.90/month and Star+ can subscribed for BRL 32.90/month).

(Star Plus/Play)(Star Plus/Play)Source: Star Plus

The Disney+ and Star+ Combo offers subscribers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, as well as Fox, ABC, Freeform, Hulu and ESPN for R$45.90 per month. The Star+ annual plan can also be purchased for R$329.90/year, paid once, using a credit card.

To purchase the combo, simply access the website from either platform. There, consumers will be able to find the offer and take advantage of it without any problems.

Disney+ catalog

As already mentioned, the Disney Plus app has a catalog for the whole family. Here you’ll find several nostalgic productions, such as classic Disney animated films, as well as exclusive and original content from select company-owned companies.

Marvel Heroes fans can’t help but watch Disney Plus on TV and enjoy the original series as Wanda Vision, Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldierin addition to discovering all the productions already released for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Those who love Pixar animations can access the Disney Plus app to check out all the movies plus specials, such as amazing shorts. Fans of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and company will be rewarded with the compilation toy storywhich also features special episodes in Andy’s Toy Life.

(DisneyPlus/Play)(DisneyPlus/Play)Source: Disney+

National Geographic content can also be found on your Disney Plus account. The various curiosities of the educational channel can be watched by anyone. And there’s a lot of news there, like the movie Free groundwhich won the Oscar for best documentary, in addition to the series Cosmospresented by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

and who loves star wars must stay tuned to everything that streaming makes possible, because in addition to the catalog offering all the films already released so far involved in the fantastic universe created by George Lucas, many exclusive series are released on the platform, as The Mandalorian and Star Wars The Bad Batch.

Star+ Catalog

Meanwhile, the Star Plus app differs from Disney Plus for its broader content, aimed primarily at an adult audience. movies like dead Pool and Bohemian Rhapsody to be found in the catalog. Moreover, the series It’s Us, The Simpsons, Grey’s Anatomy and impure are available to all subscribers.

Even anyone who wants to watch The Walking Dead and to not miss any detail of the 11th and final season, you can take the opportunity to get to know the platform and discover all its features. A big difference is for die-hard sports fans, as various competitions can be followed through the benefits of ESPN channels – including live broadcasts.

(Star Plus/Play)(Star Plus/Play)Source: Star Plus

Over time, more news will come to Star+. Therefore, subscribing to the Disney+ and Star+ combo can be advantageous in many ways, in particular to have all these productions at your fingertips at all times.

Why subscribe to the Disney+ and Star+ combo?

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Subscribe now to the Disney+ combo with Star+ at a special price to guarantee you the best of both programs without having to choose between one or the other!

After putting the catalog of both streaming services through their paces, you now know what each offers consumers. There are so many productions available that it’s hard to even know where to start. And our advice is to take advantage of the individual features of each of these platforms, which allow subscribers to create a personalized list of interests.

If you love Disney nostalgia, big blockbusters from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, you’re a fan of sports and drama series, the Disney+ and Star+ combo is ideal for your routine. Consider your family too, as both streams are for everyone and may pique the interest of a specific member of your household.

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