Is Sarah alive? Understanding the season 3 finale of “Who Killed Sara?”

Who killed Sarah? has become a Thriller in French very successful in netflix. With the arrival of season 3, however, some doubts have arisen among fans. The last act marked the end of Who killed Sarah? settle the final details on the main mysteries involving the series. The production also highlights the success that Spanish content has achieved on the platform.

Now, many viewers still have doubts. Who really killed Sara? What happened to the Lazcano family? So, let’s clear up a few final points. However, from here on the text will have a lot spoilers on the end of Who killed Sarah?

Official Synopsis of Who Killed Sara?

“Determined to exact revenge and prove that he was falsely framed for the murder of his sister, Alex is about to discover much more than the true culprit of the crime”

The ending of Who Killed Sara?

At the end, Sarah is he really dead? The start of Season 3 caught fans off guard. After all, it shows Sara’s grave being dug to reveal an empty coffin. Thus, the police announce that the case is no longer a murder case to become a disappearance case. However, the suspense was only a dramatic mechanism of the production.

Sarah is really dead, although the series tries to sow doubt throughout season 3. Thus, during the attack on the base of the Astonished, alexander discovers that Sarah died after the birth of the daughter Lucy.

alexander find the grave of Sarah behind the medical unit. And, in this way, the public knew the conclusion of the mystery of Who killed Sarah? The plot ends with alexander, Elisa, Chema and Lucy together as the police search the underground graveyard found behind Medusa’s base.

The fate of the Lazcano family at the end of Who Killed Sara?

However, in addition to the death of Sarah, other points also needed to be clarified. Thus, the end of certain family members Lazcano it’s quite tragic. In fact, the family as a whole started losing in season 3. After all, all the goods were burned after the casino fire. In addition, the government confiscated all of the family’s property.

the relationship of Caesar and Marianne was destroyed. Caesar was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Before being taken away, however, he offers the rest of the fortune to Alex. The woman, on the other hand, surrendered to a life of repentance and penance. Rudolph was killed in the attack on Astonished. AND Chema was released from prison but continues to struggle to come to terms with his sexuality.

To finish, Caesar was revealed as the real father of Lucy. So the family Lazcano gained a new member at the end of the day.


What is Reinaldo’s fate?

the end of Who killed Sarah? established Reinaldo as the great antagonist. After all, Season 3 revealed a few details about what the character was up to. Short, Reinaldo used Sara as an experiment.

At the end, alexander attached Reinaldo in the torture equipment themselves. Then execute the big bad with an intense electric shock. The experiments aimed to find a possible “cure” for schizophrenia and homosexuality.

the end of Who killed Sarah? is available at Netflix.

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