Is the 1930s animated video that seems to predict the pandemic genuine?

“In 1930, a cartoon suggested a series of strategies for dictators to take control of the world. 91 years later, any resemblance will not be a mere coincidence,” wrote the author of a Facebook post on September 18, which share a like animated video.

For two minutes, a guide is presented on “how to take over the world, it’s their plan” and points out warning signs such as: “weaponizing the flu”, “flooding the newspapers and the radio with cases of death”, “close shops and churches”, “use the force of the law to suppress dissent” or “inject a ‘vaccine’ to sterilize workers and euthanize the elderly”.

But is the video authentic?

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Nope. According to the fact-checking platform”Hoax Eye“, the video was published on May 2021 to siteBitChute” and, from there, it spread on social networks as an animation with almost a century of existence. However, the video does not provide no information on Covid-19 nor was it created in 1930.

the diary of Fact check North American “slopesbegins by demystifying the video through the use of the term “introducing a militarized flu”, in Portuguese “introducing a flu as a weapon”, which appears at 11 seconds into the animation, explaining that the use of this expression was first used in 1957as the dictionary also explains. Merriam Webster. Also site Of actuality”slate” specifies that the first use of the neologism “arm” it was in 1957 by Wernher von Braun, a German engineer, in “The New York Times” to refer to ballistic missiles.

The platform “Hoax Eye” further denounces that the music used in the video is called “St. James Infirmary Blues”, from 1933, and is used in the movie “Betty Boop in Snow White“. According to “Hoax Eye”, the song could not be used in any other film because the Copyright remain valid for a period of 50 years.

The press agency Reutersclarifies that a search for the images used in the animation video shows images similar to a Betty Boop cartoon scene from 1934 called “Red Hot Mamma”.

” data-title=”Is the 1930s animated video that seems to predict the pandemic authentic? – Polygraph”>

In the video shared by social networks, the movements that the characters make from the minute 1 and 40 seconds seems to be inspired by Betty Boop animation from 1934 to 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

Contacted by Reuters, Fleischer Studios, the studio responsible for creating the Betty Boop animations, clarified the video in question copied several fragments of these animations and possibly other films. “The policemen who seem to beat the little monkey (or something like that) seem to have been taken out of the [filme] “Swing sinners“, just as the title map looks a lot like Fleischer’s map [Studios]”. The studio has also confirmed that the character of the devil from the movie “Red Hot Mamma” is copied and used in the video shared by social networks.

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THE site in Fact check”Hoax Eye” also states that the animation technique used in this video requires the use of a computer which quickly and continuously changes the size of the image.

The platform “slopes” contacted jerry beckanimation historian and professor at the California Institute of Arts, who said that “the the cartoon is not old. It comes from someone who put a lot of effort into making an animation in Glow look like a cartoon clumsy”.

On the social network Twitter, shares of reports of flaws found in the video appeared, as the word “euthanize” appears. badly written at 1 minute and 47 seconds, or the font used seem topical.

” data-title=”Is the 1930s animated video that seems to predict the pandemic authentic? – Polygraph”>

Reuters also shared a video which reveals all the inconsistent steps that appear in the animation posted on social media.

So even though the animation is akin to 1930s video, with reduced image quality and shot from a distant angle, motion video was not executed at this time. Whether because of the animation technique used, the use of certain words, spelling mistakes, imitation of scenes from other animated films or even the simple fact that it does not contain any message predicting a future event, this video is fake.


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